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Honoring Those Who Serve Behind the Scenes

April 13, 2016
By Brian Tipps

Today we had a special chapel with Pre-Kindergarten through 12th Grade all together to honor those in the Nashville Christian family who faithfully serve every day “behind the scenes.”

They take care of matters like preparing food for us, cleaning our hallways and restrooms, maintaining the facilities, making copies for teachers and taking on so many other tasks and projects they see need to be done.

Our staff and students are so thankful for the opportunity to show our appreciation for this special group of servants. They are:

Mr. and Mrs. Howard and Barbara Spray (standing) are not
paid staff at NCS, but they can be seen on campus
every day serving the NCS community.

Susan Anderson
Diana Blines
Tami Curtis
Vince Curtis
Clayton Hayes
Karen Wiley
Pat Stringfield

Facility Maintenance:
McCallie Grey
Lisa Hogan
Deborah King
Jonathan Lobota
Mike Rhodes

Front Desk:
Carrie White
Tami Wilson

Business Office:
Darlette Bishop
Linda Brown
Sharon Kinnard

Special Volunteers:
Howard Spray
Barbara Spray

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