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Uniform Consignment Sale

We are starting something new this year!  The last Thursday at the end of each quarter, we will have a uniform item consignment sale in the spirit store where everything is $20 or less! You may bring in or send in items to be sold the week of the sale. You will need to mark your items with your name, email, and type of item. Pick up for unsold items will be on the following Monday. If you have items that you would like to donate, please mark those as GIVE. We will not be charging a consignment fee to our families; we are simply offering this service to help you recirculate your uniform items! 

The sale dates will be: October 7th, December 9th, March 10th, May 19th

Prices will all be the same for items to make for easier transactions. 

Uniform Polos-$10
Uniform Skirts-$15  
Uniform Dress Day Jackets-$15
All other Outerwear-$20 

We also have an NCS Buy, Sell, Trade page on Facebook if you would prefer to sell your items there.