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Bible Classes

Middle School Bible Classes

At Nashville Christian School we believe that no education is complete without learning the Bible. Therefore, students at all levels are taught the Scriptures each academic day.

6th Grade Girls

Sixth grade girls' Bible class addresses character issues and choices that come into play in the middle school years, such as loneliness, bullying, gossip, and insecurity. We look at some of the women of the Old Testament and how they handled the situations they were placed in and how God still used them to fulfill His plan. Over the year, the girls analyze their relationships with others and how that reflects upon their character/reputation. They also work to develop their relationship with God through personal study and reflection.

6th Grade Boys

The sixth grade boys Bible class takes the first part of the year to look at the parables of Jesus. The boys explore what these parables mean, and better understand the person of Jesus through their study. The second half of the year is devoted to an Old Testament overview. This helps the boys to better understand the New Testament by watching God’s plan unfold from the beginning. 

7th Grade Boys Bible

Semester 1

This study will be a survey of the Old Testament. It will include an overall view of how God related to His people prior to Christ. Students will be able to recognize that the Old Testament events are not random stories, but a sequential network of how God has pieced together His plan of salvation, leading to the Messiah.

Semester 2

This study will include a survey of Christ’s life and the early church. The latter part of the semester will conclude with the purpose of the letters that churches and individuals received from God’s penmen: Paul, James, etc.

8th Grade Boys Bible

8th graders study the history of the church using the book of Acts as our text. Our aim is to explore the growth of the church and the issues they faced, and apply them to our life today.

8th Grade Girls Bible

In the 8th grade girls Bible class we begin the year by studying the book of Acts. We see how the church started and follow Paul’s missionary journeys. When we finish Acts, we then start going through the “Letters of Paul” in chronological order. The girls also participate in several service projects. 


High School Bible Classes


Freshmen Bible

Early Hebrew History

Freshman bible begins at a good place...Genesis, the book of beginnings. We'll study how the creation story relates to us today in a world that is gradually dismissing God as the designer. We'll look at the beginning of sin, the remedy, the first family, evidence of Noah's flood and how it relates to us. We'll continue through Genesis and relate how the lives of these patriarchs parallels today's followers. We hope to learn from the mistakes and faith of ancient followers to help us live in relationship to God. Then we move into Exodus and study how God used Moses to show His power over the gods of Egypt. We'll survey the rest of early Hebrew history, including Samson and other leaders up until the nation of Israel was ripped in two by turmoil. We'll study key Hebrew words, cities and archaeological sites while learning the culture and customs of ancient people. This will lead to an understanding of how Old Testament history is a foreshadowing, prophecy and preparation for Christ. 


Sophomore Bible

Life of Christ/life of the church

During the 1st semester, this course will focus on uncovering and highlighting aspects of the life, ministry and Lordship of Jesus. Great emphasis will be placed on extrapolation and application of the faith lessons derived from the disciples of Jesus. We will answer the question, "Who is Jesus?" During the semester, we will dig deeper into discipleship, Jesus' major teachings and discourses (including parables and miracles) and the events of the crucifixion and resurrection.  The 2nd semester of Sophomore Bible will be an in-depth study of the life of the early church in Acts. We will journey alongside the spread of the disciples of Christ from the day of Pentecost, all the way to Paul’s missionary journey. Topics will include the life of Paul (conversion, trial and letters), and the conversions in Acts, ending the semester with a look at the church in the 21st century.      

Junior BIBLE 

World Religions/Faith and Film

In the first semester this class will focus primarily on examining the practices, histories, and beliefs of the major religions of the world. We will focus on these primary religions: Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism. The semester will finish with a brief look at various cults that have impacted the world. World Religions class will be taught from a Christian perspective so that students are equipped to understand the patterns and beliefs of other religions as well as be able to defend their faith in a knowledgeable and compassionate way. In the second semester, Faith and Film is a class designed to help students see the sacred in the mundane. Students will be learning to watch movies critically while deciphering spiritual significance from the films. The themes of redemption and hope are prevalent as we progress through the movies in class, and students are asked to elaborate on how these themes are presented in the stories. Students will come to understand the use and significance of “Christ Figures” in film as well as the overarching power of story in our lives. Much like the parables that Jesus used to teach, Faith and Film attempts to use the power of story to reveal eternal truths that are a part of the human experience. 

Wisdom Literature, Prophets, and New Testament Letters

In the fall semester, we will explore selections of wisdom literature and the prophets in the Hebrew Bible.  In the spring semester, we will survey the letters of the New Testament. Through both semesters we will discuss the historical context, themes, and literary characteristics of  the course readings. Analyze, interpret, and apply the meaning of texts from multiple perspectives. Identify how certain strains of biblical wisdom literature became appropriated and modified by later reception in Jewish and Christian historical contexts. Our hope will be to develop skills in reading and applying the truths we find in scripture with a growing desire to obey those commands and principles in these books that are valid and relevant to our spiritual life.

Senior Bible

As students near the end of their academic journey here at NCS, we want them to finish strong academically and spiritually. Our senior Bible classes continue to focus on Biblical teaching but also encourage our students to find their own faith as they prepare for the next chapter in their lives. One of the ways we do this is by offering female and male only classes as well as a traditional co-ed Bible class. 

First semester

The girls bible class begins the year with a study called Armor of God which is an in-depth study of Ephesians Chapter 6. This study is an action plan for putting on the armor of God and developing a strategy to gain victory against the enemy. 

The co-ed Bible class will explore prominent men and women throughout scripture examining the impact they each made. We will also explore ways to pattern our lives after these Biblical heroes.

The male class will look at prominent Men of God and how they, as young men, can model their lives after these men. 

Our second nine weeks will begin a unified curriculum for all classes. We begin with apologetics, a study about understanding and explaining our faith. This nine weeks, we will explore science and faith and how they work together and not against each other. 

second semester

After the Holiday break we will study marriage and the family. We will look at dating, marriage, and having a family. We will explore God’s word and other Christian literature to see what God’s plan is for a Christian family. We will close out the year looking at various lessons that are invaluable to young Christians making sure they are spiritually prepared for the next chapter of life.