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Bible Classes

Middle School Bible Classes

At Nashville Christian School we believe that no education is complete without learning the Bible. Therefore, students at all levels are taught the Scriptures each academic day.

6th Grade Girls

Sixth grade girls' Bible class addresses character issues and choices that come into play in the middle school years, such as loneliness, bullying, gossip, and insecurity. We look at some of the women of the Old Testament and how they handled the situations they were placed in and how God still used them to fulfill His plan. Over the year, the girls analyze their relationships with others and how that reflects upon their character/reputation. They also work to develop their relationship with God through personal study and reflection.

6th Grade Boys

The sixth grade boys Bible class takes the first part of the year to look at the parables of Jesus. The boys explore what these parables mean, and better understand the person of Jesus through their study. The second half of the year is devoted to an Old Testament overview. This helps the boys to better understand the New Testament by watching God’s plan unfold from the beginning. 

7th Grade Boys Bible

Semester 1

This study will be a survey of the Old Testament. It will include an overall view of how God related to His people prior to Christ. Students will be able to recognize that the Old Testament events are not random stories, but a sequential network of how God has pieced together His plan of salvation, leading to the Messiah.

Semester 2

This study will include a survey of Christ’s life and the early church. The latter part of the semester will conclude with the purpose of the letters that churches and individuals received from God’s penmen: Paul, James, etc.

8th Grade Boys Bible

8th graders study the history of the church using the book of Acts as our text. Our aim is to explore the growth of the church and the issues they faced, and apply them to our life today.

8th Grade Girls Bible

In the 8th grade girls Bible class we begin the year by studying the book of Acts. We see how the church started and follow Paul’s missionary journeys. When we finish Acts, we then start going through the “Letters of Paul” in chronological order. The girls also participate in several service projects. 


High School Bible Classes


Freshmen Bible

Freshmen Bible is a survey of the Pentateuch (Genesis-Deuteronomy). While the study is textual in that it does explore selected passages in detail, it is also thematic as there is a concerted effort to link certain New Testament passages with their antecedents in the first five books of the Old Testament. Understanding that God does not change his nature can be a powerful concept in attaining to knowledge of the God of both testaments.

Sophomore Bible

Semester 1 - The Gospel of Luke

This course will be uncovering and highlighting aspects of the life, ministry and Lordship of Jesus based upon Luke’s narrowed focus on the historical Jewish-Samaritan conflict, and other social and religious conflicts. The course will be exploring an understanding of the numerous ways Jesus seeks to challenge and supersede superficial barriers hindering God’s interest in authentic fellowship with Him and genuine & lasting reconciliation with one another. Great emphasis will be directed to exhibiting the faith lessons and application derived from the disciples of Jesus. The greatest emphasis will be upon the primary concern of Luke’s message that Jesus is presented as the only able and available Savior of all people, regardless of their age, gender, handicap, history, money, morality, nationality, or any other social or cultural factor influencing their “standing” in the community. Among many applicable truths, is the statement found in chapters 1 and 18 – “Nothing is impossible for God.” Mary exhibits this truth as a virgin in her miraculous conception of baby Jesus. Zacchaeus illustrates this truth in his demonstrable change of heart through his eagerness to provide generously for both the poor and any others he previously defrauded. Luke is the prequel to Acts, also authored by Luke. Jesus is magnified as God’s Son, active and involved in the modern church shepherding through his teachings, example, and an active Holy Spirit.         

Semester 2 - The Book of Acts

This course will be considering the successful singular focus of the original church following Christ’s ascension. This church courageously and faithfully implements Jesus’ detailed commission in Acts 1:8 to be His witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and to the ends of the earth. The instructor will attempt to both inform and inspire the students with the details of this special story for which they are to boldly and enthusiastically continue in their generation. Ultimately, this story will be presented as open-ended, meaning that the story does not stop with Paul preaching in chapter 28, but continues through the lives and efforts of believers who are still commissioned. There will be a particular emphasis placed on identifying the prominent factors of the Holy Spirit, prayer, resurrection message, generosity, trust, and teaching elements in determining and underscoring how and why this church was declared successful in Acts 17:6, and detailed successful through numerical updates in the text and amazing descriptions of faithfulness during adversity. Furthermore, the student will be engaged in thinking regularly about modern comparisons, contrasts, and applications. Current statistics and even approximations will be shared regarding modern martyrs and traveling missionaries. Finally, the student will participate in a spiritual gift inventory, for which will be utilized to attempt to educate the student on his or her individual skill-level, spiritual capacity, and uncompromising mandate in Scripture for each believer to cooperate with the mission in unity and collaboration with other Christians.   

Junior/Senior Bible Electives


In this class we will consider the question, "What does it mean to follow Jesus?" 

Understanding the Bible

The purpose of this class is to gain a better understanding of the Bible by studying the principles of language (figurative and literal), meaning, context, culture, geography and types of literature in scripture.

Comparative Religions

This class will examine the various beliefs and religions of the modern world. Comparing and contrasting our views as Christians with each religion will help us understand what we believe by understanding what others believe. Students will leave this class with their faith reaffirmed while understanding what others believe.

The Greatest Story Ever Told

The story of our God and His plan for his people is without a doubt the most compelling story ever told. Throughout history and His word, he has used people great and small to accomplish His goal. We will look at the story of our God and His plan for His people examining the underlying plan of salvation throughout the Bible and continuing to the modern day. We will examine how much of the world’s greatest stories are simply echoes of God’s story found in scripture. We will examine popular culture including, literature, movies, and music to see God’s story told in the modern medium.

Jesus of the Gospels

In this class we will look at the places Jesus went, the things He said, the people He reached out to touch and the difference He made. In studying these scenes in the life of Christ, it is our aim to equip each student with the lessons Jesus shows us.

Mid to Late Hebrew History

We’ll begin the year with a study of topics that aren’t usually covered in the average bible class such as: Dead Sea Scrolls, Customs & Culture of Scripture, How the Bible Came to Be, and How Archaeology Confirms Scripture. The second nine weeks picks up where the Freshmen year left off. We’ll survey the judges period with leaders such as Gideon and Samson, then take a look at God’s united kingdom under Saul, David and Solomon. We’ll continue by investigating what led to the split of God’s people, similar to our Civil War times. The semester will conclude with a summary of the prophets warning Israel and the events that transpired between the testaments.

What’s Paul Saying to Us?

This study is a survey of Paul’s letters that will cover contemporary topics such as: What’s My Purpose?, The Christian & Government, How to Handle the Gray Areas of Life, How to Be Right Before God, and How Does the Spirit Operate In My Life?