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Middle School (6-8)



The Nashville Christian Middle School is blessed with caring teachers who are dedicated to molding the lives of young adolescents.  It is our goal to welcome young children from the world of elementary school and build young men and women who are ready to move towards high school life with confidence and preparedness. It is our prayer that we may watch your children mature academically, behaviorally and most importantly, spiritually. 

In the middle school, students are immersed in a dynamic, authentic, Christian environment that prepares them for the real world. Academically, we offer core classes in math, science, language arts, and social studies as well as enrichments such as art, drama, technology, and creative writing. Students transition from a world of self-contained classrooms with only one teacher to a world of multiple rooms, teachers, and teaching styles. While our faculty offer multiple teaching styles, they share the objective of offering a high quality of learning experience where global leaders are fostered through rigorous classes, engaging teaching methods, and building relationships with Christ and others. Students enter high school ready to soar. 

The spiritual aspect of a student is the most important aspect of all. It is for this reason that daily Bible classes and weekly chapel services and small groups are an integral part of school life. Students take part in Bible classes where they can really study the word of God as it relates to their own lives.

Middle School students also have the opportunity to take part on competitive athletic teams and participate in multiple fine arts productions each year.