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Tuition and Fees/Financial Aid


$100.00 non-refundable application fee for new students
$60.00 for current NCS students re-enrolling by February 11, 2022
$260.00 for current NCS students re-enrolling after February 11, 2022

This fee does not apply against tuition.

2022-2023 Tuition 
Tuition includes books, student accident insurance, and a student activity fee for home ball games and music/drama productions.

*If paying semi-annually add $150, quarterly add $225, and monthly add $300.

All plans with the exception of the annual plan must be paid through automatic bank draft on the 10th or the 25th of the month through FACTS Management Company. Their fee of $20 per family for semi-annual drafts or $50 per family for quarterly or monthly drafts will be drafted when you enroll with them online. (for re-enrolling families, it is drafted after we receive and process the NCS financial agreement.) If you choose to pay on the annual plan and wish to pay with a credit card, your total fees will be increased by 3% of the amount charged. NCS reserves the right to assess a 1.5% per-month late fee for all payments, regardless of payment plan, that are not made as scheduled.

Technology Fees
K – 1st – $215 –  Each classroom will have a full set of iPads.
2nd – 5th – $319 – For this age group, we will continue to partner with Apple and each individual student will have a new iPad with the most current technology.
6th - 8th - $319 - Each individual student will be issued a Chrome Book.
9th – 12th – $165 – It has been determined that the best device for high school curriculum is a laptop. You will have the following options:

  • Purchase or provide your own laptop (from Apple, Best Buy, Staples, etc.) based on specifications provided by NCS.
  • Lease/Purchase plan from an NCS specified vendor. NCS is working with a vendor to provide a Lease/Purchase plan for parents. Parents can either purchase this laptop from the vendor or do a Lease/Purchase plan so they can pay for the laptop over time. This plan will also include a service plan for any repairs needed.

Meal Plan
Each student in grades K-12 must purchase a meal plan (funds are added to the student ID in FACTS) at the beginning of the school year ($215 for K-5, $319 for 6-12.) These funds may be used throughout the school year for breakfast or lunch purchases in the NCS cafeteria, and you may add funds as needed. 

Ancillary Fee
The Ancillary Fee is $185 for K-5, $190 for 6-12, and $258 for Seniors and will cover things like yearbooks, field trips, and most classroom supplies.  For middle and high school students, it will also include one standard PE uniform, and for seniors it includes their cap and gown.  For a full list of what will be covered by the Ancillary Fee at each grade level, click here.

Sibling Tuition Discount
If more than one child from the same family is enrolled in grades K-12 at NCS, deduct $750.00 from the 2nd child's tuition and $1,000.00 from the 3rd and succeeding children's tuition.

Our dress code for students in K-12 is available in the student handbook. Our uniform provider is Educational Outfitters.

If your child is enrolled after the beginning of the school year, your fees (except for the bank draft fee) will be pro-rated based on the school's 178-day school year.

Accident Insurance
Student accident insurance is included in your tuition and covers students during school activities.  This coverage is secondary to your personal coverage, and it is your responsibility as parents to make sure the school office is aware of any injury to your child which occurs during a school-sponsored activity and requires the services of a doctor or health care facility.

After School Care
After-school care is available for students in grades K-8 until 6:00pm.  Call the Lower School office at 356-5600 x 150 for information and an application. 

LIFE (Learning is for Everyone) Program
The LIFE Program is available to students K-12 who have been diagnosed with learning differences or medical conditions requiring support services in the classroom setting. Provision of LIFE services is contingent upon student enrollment and teacher availability. Click here for more information about the LIFE Program and fees.

Financial Aid


Nashville Christian School offers need-based financial aid for grades K-12.  Our Board of Trustees budgets a set amount of aid for new and existing families each year.  The amount of aid available to eligible families is determined by an evaluation of need by: the Facts Tuition Management Company, a school administrative committee, and the available budgeted funds.

All need-based aid is awarded annually.  Each family must apply each year as awarded aid is not renewed.  Students receiving financial aid in grades 6-8 must participate in at least 2 extracurricular activities.

Families may apply for aid beginning October 18, 2021.  The deadline for financial aid applications is January 31, 2022.

To apply for 2022-2023:

  1. Complete a NCS K-12 Application for admission.
  2. Go to and follow the aid application instructions. Our school number is 15039, and their financial aid application fee is $35.00. While FACTS does not have a deadline for receiving online aid applications, it would be to your advantage to apply as early as possible since there is a limited amount of aid available each year. If you have a question, you may call FACTS at 866-315-9262. If you need to fax documents to them, that number is 866-315-9264.

For more information regarding Financial Aid, please contact the Financial Aid Director, Ryan McClary at 615-356-5600