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High School

Students are engaged in worship through singing, prayer, and messages presented from God’s Word. Most chapel assemblies include a guest speaker and occasionally one of our own teachers or coaches will speak to our students. Each semester, the seniors lead two chapels utilizing skits that have a biblical message of application. There are also six chapels scheduled each year in which the seniors have their own service led by our High School Principal, Brian Bishop to talk about faith and leadership and to prepare them for success in life after high school.

Middle School

Most middle school chapel assemblies also include a guest speaker. Occasionally one of our own teachers, coaches or students will speaks. Each semester, two chapels are entirely student-led under the oversight of one of our teachers.  

Elementary School

These worship times involve a variety of activities to help the children think about and experience God throughout the year. Students learn new songs and develop a love for God and a heart for worship. Elementary students bring their bibles to read and be engaged during the lesson. This year they will be studying the life of Christ and the Gospel of Luke. Students also have a weekly memory verse they learn in conjunction with the biblical focus for that week.