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Learning Is For Everyone (LIFE) Program


NCS offers Learning Is For Everyone (LIFE), academic programming for students that struggle with college-preparatory pacing, skills, concepts, and curriculum or have other challenges that may impact their learning potential. Students with learning differences, such as reading, math or written language learning disabilities, processing disorders, ADHD, or disorders on the spectrum can realize their intellectual, physical, spiritual, and social potential while attending NCS. Students accessing LIFE may need, in one or more areas, an Academic Support Plan for classroom accommodations, tutoring, dual instruction in the classroom, a prescriptive instructional approach, or subject-oriented LIFE classes.

Students participating in one or more LIFE services are:

  • Academically at risk
  • Have diagnosed learning challenges that impede performing to his/her potential
    • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders: inattention, hyperactive, combined
    • Disorders on the Spectrum: Autism, Pervasive Developmental Disorder, Asperger’s
    • Learning Disabilities: Reading, Math, Written Expression
    • Medical Health Impairments
    • Processing Disorders: auditory, visual, sensory
    • Other

NCS partners with independent service providers (SLP, OT, PT, Medical) for non­academic support. Support services are arranged through school administrators on an individual basis.

Student’s Responsibilities with LIFE Services are:

  • Actively engage in the learning process with concerted efforts to be an active, independent, responsible learner.
  • Develop skills to advocate for needs and services to be met for oneself
  • Participate in developing an individualized Academic Support Plan (ASP)
    • For students that are developmentally ready to actively take responsibility for their learning or are a rising 9th grader.
  • Attending an annual meeting for the Academic Support Plan (ASP) and any other meeting concerning the progress of goals and daily performance
    • These students (rising 9th grade and older) are at the age to start understanding their learning profile’s strengths and challenges, which services best meet their needs, and how the services will impact their college placement or vocation after graduating from Nashville Christian High School.
  • Actively seek opportunities to be involved in extra­curricular opportunities
  • Other

Parent’s Responsibilities with LIFE Services are:

  • Partner with NCS by supporting administrative decisions
  • Partner with NCS by supporting teachers’ efforts
  • Hold students accountable for taking responsibility for completing assignments, preparing for tests and exams with a concerted effort
  • Encourage and support students to get involved with extracurricular opportunities
  • Other

Educational Services LIFE provides:

NCS teachers utilize research-based best practice instruction. They differentiate the instruction to engage the student in the learning process. A student may need a range of individualized educational support that goes beyond the typical instructional methods; they include but are not limited to:

  • Accommodations: The curriculum is college preparatory and is not altered but enables students to demonstrate their true level of knowledge. Examples are:
    • Alternate test format(s), alternate test site, books on tape or on­line, enlarged print, extended time, writing on standardized test booklets, oral testing, preferential seating, scribing, skeletal notes, sensory breaks, technology, other
  • Dual Instruction: An additional certified teacher in the classroom to provide direct instruction and support to the student where needed. For example, students with fine motor challenges may need support with note-taking or assisting a student with organizational tasks, or providing an alternate method of instruction.
  • Modifications: The curriculum is modified or adjusted to meet the student’s cognitive level and therefore, does NOT meet college preparatory requirements.
  • LIFE Classes:
    • Lower - Middle: Students in grades K-2 may be eligible for Intervention to address reading skills. Students may be taught individually or grouped with a few others. Students in grades 3-8 may need direct instruction from a certified special education teacher in an academic area that requires a specialized curriculum to remediate an area of weakness. LIFE classes address reading, language arts and math skills. Students may be taught individually or grouped with a few others based on the students’ areas of strengths and areas of challenge.
    • Upper School: Courses at the high school level are mandated by Tennessee state standards and college preparatory requirements, which inhibit the option for language arts and math skills. Students may be taught individually or grouped with remediation to occur within the curriculum. Alternate courses are offered to students that may need a slower pace of instruction and/or modified curriculum. The alternate class may or may not meet college preparatory requirements. They may also affect type of diploma a student may earn. Course offerings include English, Math, Spanish, and Science. Alternate course offerings may change yearly based on the needs of the student body. For additional information refer to the Four Year Academic Plan.
  • Tutoring:  Tutoring is provided individually to a student in a specific academic area or with targeted concepts. The tutoring is for students that warrant additional reinforcement of skills within the college preparatory course curriculum. Tutoring occurs within the school day and maybe on an as-needed basis for an extended period of time.

LIFE Service Fees:

Each student receiving LIFE services will incur an additional fee to the set yearly tuition plan. The level of services and fees are determined through the student’s psycho­educational evaluation, the Academic Support Plan, and the Team (parent, teacher, LIFE instructor, School Administrator, and Head of School).

  • Consultation/Intervention/Accommodations: 
    • Grades K­-2 $1,270/Year
  • Accommodations:
    • Grades 3-12 $1,300/Year
  • Dual Instruction and/or Modifications: Students are scheduled in dual instruction class(es) with the instructor of the course and LIFE special education certified teacher or assistant who provides targeted instruction and/or modifications to curriculum or instruction
    • Grades: 3 - ­12: $2,280/Year per Subject: for each of the first two dual-class placements
    • Grades: K - ­12: $6,750/Year: Full Dual Instruction: Student is placed in three or more dual instruction classes
  • LIFE Class: The student is scheduled for a separate LIFE class with a LIFE special education certified teacher and a small student-to-teacher ratio
    • Grades: 3 - ­12: $2,825/Year: for each of the first two LIFE classes
    • Grades: 3 - ­12: $7,950/Year: Full Academic L.I.F. E. (three or more classes)

Academic Support Team:

Scheduled parent/ teacher conferences occur throughout the school year along with meetings with the Academic Support Team to update progress and maintain an effective plan. The parent, teacher(s), LIFE instructor, administrator, and student, when appropriate, comprise the ASP team. Any member of the ASP team may request a meeting to discuss progress and/or concerns.