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House System

Middle School House System: The "Aerie"


An aerie is an eagle’s nest. It is also defined as a house or a fortress on a hill. At Nashville Christian School The Aerie is a House System for the Middle School. This House System is designed to encourage middle school students to live out the school’s vision through games and other events that challenge them academically, athletically, spiritually, and socially. Each student is "drafted" into a House at the beginning of 6th grade; membership ends upon completion of 8th grade. The four middle school houses are Faith, Truth, Honor and Service.

The Aerie engages all middle school students in a competitive environment in which their respective House earns points through various activities and individual merits of positive behavior. The House that accumulates the most overall points at the end of each year is awarded "The House Trophy." A "House Senate" will be formed to provide leadership opportunities for all middle school students. Every year an election is held for each House to select a Senator, a Secretary and a Treasurer; these elected leaders will serve as the middle school governing body. The Senate and each individual House will meet regularly with faculty advisors throughout the school year.