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After Care

After Care

Welcome to Nashville Christian’s After Care Program! It is our hope that your child will discover a happy place where extended learning and socialization  is both challenging and satisfying. We will provide meaningful and enjoyable experiences for your child after school and ensure that you and your child feel secure and confident in the After Care environment.


Please remember to sign your child in and out from the After Care program as this vital to maintaining your child's safety.


After Care is located in the Gibson Building, room G4.  The entrance to the Gibson Building is near the back dock of the Lower School.  The phone number in the After Care room is 356-5600, ext. 435. If you are unable to reach anyone with that number, call or email the program director, Kesler Quinn ( or through text at 615-430-8871).


After Care closes at 6:00pm. Typically, a five-minute grace period is extended to parents who are late. Starting at 6:05pm, there will be a $5 per minute late pick-up fee payable upon arrival.


Parents may choose one of two options to pay for After Care.

  • Option #1 - $1,800.00 paid by September 8th
  • Option #2 -  Monthly Fee of $200.00 per month covers all after school days, half days, and full-day breaks as indicated on the calendar. This option is suggested for students who regularly attend four or more days per week. Payment is due on by the tenth of every month beginning August 10th and ending May 10th.
  • Option #3 - Purchase a pass for children who sporadically need extended care. Passes must be paid for in advance. Any days not used at the end of the year can be rolled over to the next school year.
    • Ten day pass - $130 ($13 a day) - 1/2 days count as 2 days on a pass. 
    • Full Day Pass - $40 paid in advance
    • Break Pass - $175 for the week


Depending on student/teacher ratio, the After Care program director will allow drop-in students at her discretion. Parents must pay for the child at pick-up.

  • $15 for an afternoon
  • $30 for a half day
  • $50 for a full day


Always remember to check the information board located above the sign-out books for important announcements.


Outside play is a very important part in our daily program and every child is expected to participate. Please have your child dressed appropriately for the outside weather. Children need fresh air even in the cold weather and every child should participate unless you have a doctor’s statement.


Toys and items of special value should not be brought to the after school program unless noted on the information board or requested by the director. Your child is allowed to bring a light snack. Electronic devices are not allowed unless specified by the teacher.


Your child's information in FACTS/Renweb must remain updated. If there are any changes in your address, place of work, or phone numbers, please notify the school immediately. We cannot release your child to anyone unless it is noted on your registration form.


Each child is expected to abide by the following rules:

  • Listen and follow directions.
  • Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
  • Be kind and respectful to everyone.
  • Do as your teacher asks.
  • Use and inside voice.
  • Clean up after yourself.

An assertive/positive discipline plan is used. The program director will contact you if your child is having recurring behavior issues. Parents will be asked to sign an incident or accident form when warranted.

If you have any questions about our program’s procedures, contact the After Care Program Director, Kesler Quinn,, (615)356-5600, ext. 435.

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