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Elementary Students Learn About Safety

November 14, 2019
By Nashville Christian School

The safety of all our students is of utmost importance – not just while they are in school, but everywhere they go! In early November, Pre-K through 3rd grade students got a special visit from Rescue Rex to talk about how to use 9-1-1 in case of emergency. He taught them songs about 9-1-1 and helped them learn what they would need to know if they ever needed to call 9-1-1. Rex gives great advice about the right and wrong times to call and what to do when you‘re on the line.

The Kasey Program, sponsored by Koorsen Fire & Security, visited before Thanksgiving to educate our students on fire safety. The program stars two black Labrador Retrievers who demonstrate safety procedures and firefighters who hold the students' attention with songs and shenanigans. During the presentation, the students were encouraged to change the batteries in smoke detectors when the clocks spring forward and fall back, designate a family meeting place in case of fire, and have alternate routes to leave if their doors are blocked. This was a very engaging program, and we are thankful to be part of the 400,000 children who participate in this program each year!

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