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2023-2024 K-12 Faculty and Staff



Alberson, Jessica - K-8 Dean of Students






Allen, Katie Beth - MS Science, Social Studies Instructor






Arnold, Nicole - MS Math, Drama






Atkins, Andrew - US English and Journalism Instructor






Barnett, Janet - 5th Grade Instructor






Barnett, Josh - MS Math, Social Studies Instructor






Bartlett, Rachel - US Math Instructor






Bartlett, Sharon - MS/US LIFE Instructor






Binkley, Alan - Facilities Manager






Bishop, Brian - Head of Upper School






Bishop, Darlete - Accounts Manager






Boatman, Carroll - School Nurse






Bonnett, Kristen - Admissions Coordinator






Brasel, Lauren - Head of Lower School






Braxton, Amber - MS/US Science Instructor






Brewer, Thomas - Field Maintenance






Brons, Anna - 9th-10th Grade Counselor 






Brothers, Jeff - Director of Operations






Brothers, Tracy - Executive Assistant to the Head of School






Brown, Linda - Human Resources, Payroll Manager






Camp, Alison - Kindergarten Instructor






Campbell, Jake - Office and Athletic Assistant






Canady, Bentley - US English Instructor 






Carlucci, Jim - Upper School History, Maintenance Assistant






Carlucci, Lynette - US LIFE Instructor






Clark, Chandler - MS Math Instructor






Cobb, Mark - Chief Financial Officer






Collier, Bryce - Financial Business Analyst






Coradazzi, Lily - 4th Grade Instructor






Cox, Kendra - Director of Preschool






Cromwell, Trisha - MS ELA Instructor






Crow, Kory - Bible Instructor






Curtis, Tammy - Food Services Manager






Davis, Kobe - Strength Training/LIFE






Demonbreun, Anissa - Head of Middle School






DiPasquale, Kristen - 2nd Grade Instructor,  Aftercare Director






Elledge, Hannah - Development and Annual Fund Coordinator






Erre, Justina - US Math Instructor






Fergueson, Leann - Administrative Office Assistant






Fincher, Jeff - Chief Development Officer






Fincher, Natasha - 1st Grade Instructor






Forkum, Chloe - Theater Instructor






Gaidos, Nathan - LIFE & Dual Instructor






Graham, Jeanne - 3rd Grade Instructor






Gupton, Kathy - LS Spanish Instructor, LS Counselor






Harding, J.D. - MS/US History Instructor






Harper, Stephanie - US Science Instructor






Haynes, Holly - Assistant to the Athletic Department






Hooper, Kristen - MS English Instructor






Johnson, Emily - Art Instructor






Kenaston, Jessica - 3rd Grade Instructor






King, Janet - 11th-12th Grade Counselor






King, Justin - LIFE Instructor






King, Mariah - School Nurse






King, Melissa - MS Counselor






Kinnard, Sharon - Contracts, Collections, AP Specialist






Lehning, Darby - 4th Grade Instructor






Lewis, Robbie - Human Resources and Events Coordinator






Littrell, Julie - Kindergarten Instructor






Longworth, Lucy - LS Librarian






Mahlstadt, Krista - Kindergarten Instructor






Mahlstadt, Luke - Security






Mauldin, Blake - Music Instructor






McClary, Ryan - Director of Admissions/Financial Aid






McPherson, Mike - Bible Instructor






Melton, Joanna - 1st Grade Instructor 






Middleton, Brooke - LIFE Instructor






Miller, Bill - Director of Security






Moore, Sarah - MS/US Science Instructor






Moroney, Abbie - US Science Instructor






Morris, Rob - Security






Mowrey, Garrett - IT Director






Nord, Cassandra - 2nd Grade Instructor






Page, Ashley - Summer Camp Director, Spirit Store Manager






Palk, Jeff - Campus Minister






Parish, Maddie - English Instructor






Payne, Amy - US Math Instructor






Perkins Sidrys, Allison - MS Social Studies,  ELA Instructor






Peters, Michael - MS Bible Instructor






Picanzo, Jessica - Kindergarten Instructor






Pierce, John - US Bible Instructor






Ratliff, Autumn - MS LIFE Instructor






Rayburn, Mark - US Dean of Students






Reader, Jason - US LIFE Instructor






Richardson, Courtney - MS/US Spanish Instructor






Richardson, Sarah - PE Instructor






Robertson, Bailey - 5th Grade Instructor






Ryckman, Katie - LS Administrative Assistant






Sanders, Libby - Transportation/WH Administrative Assistant






Seigenthaler, Debbie - Director of Communications






Seigenthaler, Ronnie - Athletic Director






Shaw, Andrew - Strength and Conditioning Instructor






Shelton, Connie Jo - Head of School






Shelton, Sonja - College Counselor






Sholl, Katie - US History Instructor






Stefaniak, Colette - Music/Band Instructor







Stinson, Benett - IT Support Specialist






Sullivan, Sara - 1st Grade Instructor






Thompson, Shannon - Graphic Designer






Tidwell, Kyle - Admissions Associate






Torrez, Donna - US Art Instructor






Valdez, Rose - US Spanish Instructor






Valdez, Wagner - Associate Graphic Designer






Van Atta, Courtney - LIFE and P.E. Instructor






Van Atta, Gary - Strength/Conditioning






Waddell, Becky - 2nd Grade Instructor






Whelan, Karen - Director of Annual Fund and Alumni Relations






Willmore, Kaitlyn - Assistant Athletic Director






Wilson, Tami - Spirit Store Associate






Wright, Colin - US History/Finance Instructor






Young, JoAnn - LS LIFE






Bonnett, Elijah - Maintenance Assistant