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Local and International

The mission experience is an important part of the spiritual formation of our students and faculty and exemplifies our school's mission:  to demonstrate Christ's love. It also reflects the dual nature of discipleship—to commune with God and go out into the world and serve.

The Mission Trips available to our students include: 

The City of Children in Ensanada, Mexico

Each year many of our students and faculty sacrifice a week of their summer vacation to work with the City of Children orphanage.  They spend their days conducting Vacation Bible School, doing work projects around the City of Children campus, taking food to needy in local villages, and most importantly, playing with the children. Our students' lives are permanently changed from all that they see and experience on this incredible mission.  

Shiloh Missions/the Bronx in New York City

Nashville Christian School is taking the Good Fight to the poorest zip code in the nation---the Bronx in New York City. Seniors students along with faculty and staff leave for a weeklong mission trip to serve children-at-risk that live in an impoverished part of NYC. Our NYC Mission Team will reach out (and up) to the Shiloh Missions—a Christian not-for-profit ministry dedicated to equipping New York City impoverished children and their families with tools and resources that alter the paths of poverty and violence. Click here for more information about Shiloh Missions.