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Bring It On The Musical Auditions

Bring it On (G) will be directed by KAYCE GREEN. 
Music direction by JOEY BOONE
Costumes designed by NICOLE ARNOLD

A note from the Director:  Bring it On is a bitingly relevant, hip-hop, pop and rap musical written by Lin Manuel Miranda (Moana, Hamilton, In the Heights) and inspired by the hit film, Bring It On. The musical takes audiences on a high-flying journey that is filled with the complexities of friendship, jealousy, betrayal and forgiveness. The main character, Campbell, has been named captain of the Truman squad, her childhood dream! But, an unexpected redistricting has forced her to spend her final year of high school at the neighboring hard-knock Jackson High School. Despite having the deck stacked against her, Campbell does not give up, befriends the dance crew girls, and along with their headstrong and hardworking leader, Danielle, manages to form a powerhouse squad for the ultimate competition – the National Championships. This musical is a wonderful opportunity to showcase not just the performers in our theatre department, but many of our athletes in men’s and women’s sports. This year we also want to highlight a group of young women here who lead our school in spirit, the NCS Cheerleaders. It is also a wonderful learning opportunity for our community and our students to be able to perform a more modern musical adapted to our standards. To be able to add that to our learning arsenal, by finding the real story of faith, and the difference between what we believe is our path and what God wants for us, and finally, forgiveness and acceptance, comes through Cambell, this story's teenage heroine.  As teens, they will get to play what they relate to most, other teenagers. I am delighted to see how they collaborate with us to create a story that aligns with our verse this year, 1 Corinthians 16:13-14.

Auditions for Bring it On (PG) will be on January 18th from 3:30pm - 7:00pm. Students in grades 6 - 12 may audition.

Call backs will be January 19th, 3:00pm - 6:00pm as needed.

Audition Procedures are as follows:

  1. Times slots are in 30 minute increments, please arrive 10 minutes before your time to check-in and receive a number. You will not be required to stay the entire time.
  2. Auditionees will be in groups of 6-8 and will learn a quick, easy choreography combination and then sing.
  3. Singing will be done individually for the production team. You may prepare a song of your choice, or a song from the show. There will no accompaniment provided, with the exception of tracks from the musical. You may sing acapella.  
  4. Auditionees will then dance the choreography with the group.

Additional Information:

  • For those who are auditioning to be “cheer” squad participants, tumbling is encouraged. If you cannot tumble, we will also have several tumbling lessons for both men and women. 
  • Student athletes' sports schedules will be considered when making the rehearsal schedule.
  • For those cast, there will be a read through on Tuesday, January 22nd, 3:30pm - 5:30pm. 
  • We will have a mandatory parent and cast meeting the week following auditions to discuss procedures, schedules, expectations and volunteer assignments. Parent meeting will be immediately following rehearsal on January 25th, starting at 6:00pm.