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Senior Shadow Day 2017

October 19, 2016
By Nashville Christian School

The NCS seniors recently spent the day career shadowing. This one-day event gives them the opportunity to spend the day with someone employed in a possible career of interest. Students "shadow" this individual at his or her place of work in order to gain valuable insight about what a given career involves before committing time, energy and money on training and/or on a post-secondary degree. It also helps them gain information and build connections with people in their career field of interest.

The class of 2017 spent time learning from surgeons, teachers, airline pilots, business professionals, entrepreneurs, and philanthropists just to name a few. Brendan Batts followed attorney Matt Milligan. “I learned the relationship between defense and prosecuting attorneys and how each one’s role is important, as well as how they should treat people…He told me about how an attorney can influence people the way Jesus did.”

Caroline Armstrong shadowed at Fox 17. “I ended up shadowing someone in each department so that I could experience the entire studio,” she said. Blake McKinney and Abby Glaus shadowed with Alaska Airlines and got to do just about everything but fly a plane! Blake said, “I got an amazing opportunity. Most people are not able to get as close and personal with planes as I did. We got to see the airline industry from prep for a flight until departure.” Abby said, “It broadened my perspective of the jobs available in and surrounding the airline industry, and I can safely say it was one of the best experiences I’ve ever been able to do.”

When you start at Nashville Christian School, you can go anywhere, and these talented students are certainly going to go far! Here are just a few of these amazing seniors:

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Robbie Lewis says:
November 02, 2016 08:30 AM CST
I love that we now do a "shadow career day" for seniors! I wish my children could have had that opportunity but I love that we are improving with new ways to teach and give our children the opportunity to "get a taste" of what they may desire to do when they grow up.

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