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Magic with a Powerful Message

January 12, 2016
By Nashville Christian School

Yesterday our high school students were wowed by the magic, humor and powerful personal testimony of Stephen Bargatze. Stephen caught their attention with his masterful slight-of-hand and quick wit. He then shared his personal story of  overcoming an alcoholic home life as well as a childhood accident that left him with a speech impediment. He warned students against the dangers of drugs and alcohol and talked about the importance of treating others who might be different from you with kindness and respect.

As Director of Student Services Program for the TSSAA, Stephen speaks to thousands of students each year using his magic to speak to today’s youth about the danger of drugs and alcohol. Steven has a unique way of combining humor and magic with impacting messages to motivate audiences. His “Magic With a Message” presentations are not only enlightening but inspirational. 

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