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Our athletic department operates as an extension of our school's mission. We believe in the importance of athletics as a platform to teach the gospel and to impact our students lives both during and after their career at Nashville Christian School. The importance of commitment, responsibility, self-sacrifice, and teamwork are emphasized throughout all of our 29 Elementary, Middle, and High School sports opportunities.

At Nashville Christian School, we recognize the significance of our teams competing at the highest level, and we have a proud history of success and development of our athletes and teams.

"All of the coaches encourage players. On our football team, every player has a purpose and is needed. Nobody feels as if they don’t matter to the success of the team. We win as a unit. The coaches ensure that we know how to win, and how to go about it in the right way. When other teams try to go about it the wrong way, our team holds steady because we know how to handle ourselves accordingly. This is all because of how the coaches teach us how to win on the field, spiritually, and in life." - Carter Clark, Class of 2016



"Through the different sports I play, all of the coaches show love and compassion through the way they coach. They want to see me achieve my goals, and they push me to do the best I can so that I can go past those goals and my expectations." - Brittan Jarrell, Class of 2017


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