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As a means of encouraging parents of students now enrolled in NCS to actively tell other families about the benefits of a Nashville Christian School education, we have in place a referral incentive program whereby a tuition credit of $500.00 will be given to current NCS parents for each new family they are responsible for bringing to NCS for the coming school year. 

The following criteria will be used to determine who will be eligible to receive the enrollment incentive: 

  • The referred family must list the currently enrolled family by name on the application for enrollment.
  • The referred student must not be a sibling of a currently-enrolled NCS student or a child or grandchild of a former NCS student.
  • The new student must complete one full year at NCS, and his or her tuition account must be current before the incentive is earned. A credit memo dated May 1 will be posted to the referring family's tuition account to reduce their balance due. If the referring family's tuition has been paid in full at that time, the credit will apply to the following year's tuition account or will be refunded if they only have a graduating senior. 
  • The referral incentive credit is not transferable and is good for the following school year tuition only. 
  • If there is a student in the referring family that is in our Student Employment Program (SEP), the referral credit will apply to the student's SEP balance, thus reducing the number of hours the students will have to work.
  • The maximum tuition credit that can be awarded is $5,000.00 per referring family.