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“In looking back, what I loved most was the small school Christian community,” Steve Bishop said. “We all knew one another and felt that we were part of something different and special.”

“Throughout my 12 years at NCS I learned about relationships—what to look for in a friend and how to collaborate. I remember working hard at NCS—and it paid off.” Steve is still working hard today as an Accounting Director for CIGNA Government Services (CGS). He oversees the finance department, including all accounting and financial reporting. CGS contracts with the government to provide services to the Medicare program, such as claims processing and customer service.

Steve has many reasons to make return visits to NCS—as a parent, as a sixth grade basketball coach, and as a husband to Darlete, who also volunteers and substitute teaches at NCS. The Bishop’s three eagles are, Amber (grade 3), Austin (grade 7) and Alexander (grade 9).

The atmosphere at NCS was a big part of Steve’s formation and walk as a Christian. He currently serves as a deacon for Charlotte Heights Church of Christ and continues to give back to our community and our school in  meaningful ways.  – Steve Bishop - Class of '86

The Bishops - Darlete, Amber, Austin, Steve, and Alexander