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Alumni in ActionAn Interview with Chad Buttrey (Class of ‘07)

Chad Buttrey (class of 07) joined the United States Marines in November of 2009. He has served two tours in Afghanistan for a total of 14 months. His first tour was for seven months in Musa Cul-Ah. His second tour was also for seven months in Marjeh. After a brief visit home, he was stationed in North Carolina for 9 months, which will be completed on November 15th. Chad, we thank you for your service!


Luminous: What influenced your decision to join the Marines?

Chad: I actually had a few influences. Eric Owens influenced me when he came to talk after his deployment to Iraq. Also after college I was at rock bottom and went to the Marines for a brotherhood and also to straighten my life out.

Luminous: Describe the camaraderie that exists among Marines.

Chad: Camaraderie between Marines cannot be found anywhere else in the world. When you live, eat, breath, and train with a group of Marines no one can break that bond. Especially after a combat deployment, the guys you lived with are your family. Even when you get back they are part of your family as you are now theirs.

Luminous: You will always be a Marine. Following your enlistment duties, do you have any concrete plans?

Chad: After the Marines I would like to go to the Tennessee highway patrol, to the sheriff’s office, or into high profile security. I have also considered going back to school.

Luminous: Which alumni have you remained in contact with the most?

Chad: I have stayed in contact with William Longworth, Lucy Lyles, Jonathan Longworth, Stratton Jones, Wesley McDowell, Michael Gray, and Lauren Longworth.

Luminous: Do you have a favorite story or memory from when you were a student at Nashville Christian?

Chad: I have a lot of memories, but I always liked going to the office and hanging out when I was supposed to be in class. Yes, I will admit it finally – I skipped class for the office (lol).

Luminous: Was there a teacher or coach who had a particularly strong impact on your life?

Chad: There are a few teachers who have had an impact on my life. The two that stand out are Ms. Harper and Mrs. Caruthers. Both of them always believed in me and saw my potential. Now that I have been out of high school a few years I see why. They both knew that I would find my niche and I did—but never believed. I've never told them but I want to thank them for believing in me and seeing what potential I had.

Luminous: What advice would you give to current students at Nashville Christian?

Chad: To the students of Nashville Christian – always put forth 110% and always go after your dreams. You are stronger than you know and whatever you put your mind to you can accomplish.