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Lady Eagles Leave a Legacy

November 04, 2015
By Kayce Green

The women’s volleyball team reached new heights this year and finished with some amazing statistics, awards, and honors. We asked Coach Kayce Green to tell us about this year’s season:

This team is what I call a Legacy team. The team that sets the precedent for all of those that come later, how we as a program want to move forward and what NCS Volleyball stands for. The seniors Mia Curtis, Olivia Charnes, Emily Bartlett and Kassie Perez were a major part of leading that, along with the junior class. As far as working and honing their skills, they committed themselves to being aggressive and worked tirelessly to fine tune their specific positions, and relied on each other as a team.  Even at the season’s close, as a coach, I couldn’t have been prouder of the team’s achievements not just athletically, but personally. The adversity that they have had to face over the years, injury, illness, accidents and even mourning the deaths of friends or family members, this group of young women extended their hearts to each other with a kindness and toughness that was beyond their years. I am certain they will not only be part of the future but faithfully lead it. 

We were undefeated in our district, with a record of 38-6 overall, district champions, Sweet 16, and won our bracket in the Sonic Blast tournament. (First time in NCS volleyball history that a team won their bracket in an outside tournament that included both AA and AAA teams.) 

District MVP - Mia Curtis

District Team - Sydney Partee, Olivia Charnes, Sonja Shelton 

District Coach of the Year - Kayce Green

All Tournament Team - Emily Bartlett, Rachel Wiley, Sydney Partee

All Tournament MVP - Mia Curtis

Region Tournament Team - Olivia Charnes, Sonja Shelton

This year's awards at our sports banquet (totaling the last two years of stats):

MVP Varsity - Sonja Shelton
MVP Junior Varisty - Katie Cain
Sportsmanship Varsity - Abby Varner
Sportsmanship Junior Varsity - Allie Hunter

Offensive Awards and Stats
Most Kills- Mia Curtis (515 attacks, 368 kills, hitting percentage 71.4%, the hitting percentage of a division I middle hitter)
Most Aces- Emily Bartlett (247 aces)
Highest Serve Receive % - Brittan Jarrell 2.75 (Highest is 3.0) For perspective, most division I liberos/defensive specialists are required to pass a 2.5 or higher. Sonja Shelton’s percentage is 2.72, and Rachel Wiley is at 2.62.

       Coach Kayce Green

Setter Stats
Sydney Partee set the ball 2,134 times, and had 1,068 assists 

Defensive Awards and Stats
Most Blocks - Olivia Charnes 92 (career blocks 196), Mia Curtis - 62 (career blocks 132)
Most Digs - Rachel Wiley 368 in 2014, 451 in 2015. She is 181 digs away from 1000 career digs at NCS, closely followed by Sonja Shelton who is 260 away!

That’s a pretty gnarly defense. 

All of our seniors plan to play in college - Kassie, Emily, and Olivia in school intramural sports and Mia Curtis under scholarship. Mia is also playing on our 18 National team at Club West that will travel to the US Junior Olympics. 

What an impressive showing by the Lady Eagles Volleyball Team! Congratulations on an incredible season! You truly are setting a new standard of excellence for Nashville Christian School volleyball!

McKenzie Moore's (Class of '11) Mission to Mexico

October 29, 2015
By McKenzie Moore

I went to the City of Children for the first time when I was a junior in high school. We were only there for four days, but that was plenty of time for me to realize that that is exactly where I was supposed to be. I remember feeling an overwhelming sense of serenity and peace. I had never felt God's presence so strongly. All of the things that I worried about back home were so insignificant compared to what the children had gone through and what the people of Ensenada, Mexico go through each day. Yet they were so willing to love me and form a relationship with me that was different than any relationship I had ever been a part of. I met people in those four days that I felt closer to than people I had known my whole life. 

When I came home, my whole perspective on life was COMPLETELY different. The way I cared about and loved people, especially the less fortunate, it's like my heart grew twice the size in just those four days. It was like I had a whole new connection with God because I felt the way that He did about the world. I knew I had to go back as soon as I could, and I wanted to bring everyone I knew with me! 

I eventually got my parents to go with me, and they fell in love with the culture and the scenery and the children just like I did. We decided to sponsor a child and were assigned to sponsor Arturo Ibarra. At the time, he was 9 years old and had only been at the City of Children for about six months. He is now 13 years old, and we consider him family, and he considers us the same. He has been such a blessing to me - more than we could ever be to him. He fits in perfectly with our family and hearing him call me his sister is just so heart-warming. 

My now fiancé, Cody (Class of 2011), went to the City of Children with me for the first time this summer. The way he connected with Arturo proved so much more that God picked Arturo just for us. He loves playing outside all day long, but he could also just sit and talk with me for hours, and that's how I love to spend my time there. 

A few years ago, my parents decided they wanted to do something more for the children than just occasionally visit and sponsor a child. Before I was born, my parents had a daughter named Mandy, and she was born with many health complications. She desperately needed a transplant and my parents raised all the money that they needed, but Mandy passed away before she was able to receive the transplant. My parents have had this trust fund ever since then that they would occasionally use to help families in the same situation. They knew that they wanted to use a chunk of this trust fund to help the children of the City of Children that we know to be our family. So with the help of a few others, they came up with the idea of a transitional home for the children who age out of the City of Children. 

What happens so often when the children leave is that they end up in the same situation that got them there in the first place. They don't know how to live on their own or provide for themselves. The transitional home will serve as a next step into a healthy and fulfilling life on their own after leaving the City of Children. My parents used a part of Mandy's trust fund money to buy property just a few miles from the City of Children. We hope to fundraise the money to build the apartment complex that will be the transitional home called Casa de Mandy (Mandy's home).

I am so thankful for the fact that I went to Nashville Christian because I never would have met those kids that I call my family or some of my best friends. God had a plan when Mandy was taken from my parents 23 years ago. God had a plan for Arturo's life when he was taken from his mother. It all fits perfectly together, and I am so thankful to have found my purpose and calling so early in life. 

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Amazing Diversity Performance by David Harrell

October 26, 2015
By Lindsey Hinds-Brown

David Harrell lettered in baseball and played quarterback for his high school football team in Georgia. He was also born without his right hand. On Friday, October 23, New York City-based actor David Harrell presented his award winning one-man show "A Little Potato and Hard to Peel" to NCS middle school students. "Little Potato" tells the story of Harrell's quest to be "normal" as he journeyed through the trials and tribulations of childhood and adolescence. He kept the students and faculty laughing as he played the roles of his parents, grandparents, teachers, friends, and coaches - complete with comical accents - "South Georgia style." Harrell charged students to not be defined by limitations or let circumstances peel away at the core of who they are as human beings.

David is an internationally recognized actor, speaker and disability advocate. As a Disability Advocate he has worked as the Accessibility and Outreach Director for the Raleigh Ensemble Players in Raleigh, NC and currently serves as the Disability and Programming Associate for Inclusion in the Arts in New York City. He serves on the NYC Local Performers with Disabilities Committee with SAG-AFTRA and is a proud member of Actors’ Equity Association. Our special thanks to David for sharing his powerful performance with our middle school students.

NCS Fine Arts Partners with Buena Vista Elementary

October 19, 2015
By Nicole Arnold

Nashville Christian School’s Fine Arts Department is partnering with the teachers at the inner-city Buena Vista Elementary Enhanced Option school with a Lion King project.  We will be sharing our costumes and props from our fall shows with them when they do their spring show.

More exciting than just sharing materials are the experiences that our students will share together. Mrs. Kayce Green, NCS Volleyball Coach and professional actress, lent her expertise by facilitating an acting workshop between some of the NCS Lion King cast members and the Buena Vista drama club students. Kayce has been a voice, television, movie and stage actor since she was eight years old. She has performed in 47 plays and musicals, including shows on the West End and Broadway. Some roles popular with students include Belle in Beauty and the Beast on Broadway, Nala in The Lion King, Rizzo in Grease, Maria in West Side Story and Maria in The Sound of Music as well as Cinderella in Into the Woods. Kayce is trained in Stanislavski, Suzuki, and Chekov methods and has taught master classes at NYU, Kent State University, Millikin University and Baldwin Wallace. 

At Buena Vista Elementary, NCS thespians acted as group leaders and helped to coach the younger students in the acting exercises. Later in the Spring, Nashville Christian students will return to Buena Vista to provide more acting coaching and will do the makeup for their Lion King performances. 

We learned a lot together and really got to witness how musical theater can bring people from different communities together in a magical way!

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