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   Nashville Christian School

   Serving PreK - 12th Grade

   7555 Sawyer Brown Rd.

   Nashville, TN 37221

   Phone: 615-356-5600

   Fax: 615-352-1324


Upcoming Missions and Projects

Nashville Christian School’s spiritual events and activities are designed and organized to  compliment and apply the lessons learned in Bible class and weekly chapel.


High School Student-Faculty Retreat
@ New Frontiers (Saturday, Sept. 14th – Saturday, Sept. 15th)
7th-8th Grade Student-Faculty Retreat
@ Camp Sycamore (Friday, Oct. 25th – Saturday, Oct. 26th)
Youth Encouragement Services
(month of December)
Potters Children Home
(month of December)
Room In The INN
(Christmas Night)
Hoops For Hope
(month of February)
Spiritual Emphasis Week
(Monday, Apr. 14th – Wednesday, Apr. 16th)

The 63rd Annual National Day of Prayer
(Thursday, May 1st)
Kathy Overbay Service Day
(Tuesday, May 6th)