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How to support H20 for life


"We make a living by what we get,
but we make a life by what we give."
                             ~ Sir Winston Churchill

H2O for Life / Go Green Team will be selling pencils, erasers, paper, and individual pencil sharpeners beginning next week.  We will be set up in front of the office at the beginning of the day, then we will sell everything from my room (next to 4th grade) for the remainder of the day.  Pencils will be sold from Mr. Nickle's room as well.  No more stress when a student needs a pencil--just send them down!
Bring noisy sharpeners to a grinding halt! The Go Green Team’s quiet little sharpeners will alleviate the tension we all feel when a student goes to the pencil sharpener right at the moment we're ready to start teaching!  The individual sharpeners don't grind on the nerves as much as our noisy ones do.  This could take your stress level down even further!
In addition to school supplies the Go Green Team will be selling:

  • H20 t-shrts for $10 – available from either myself or Coach Nickle
  • Rice Crispy Treats for 50 cents during reading intervention and clubs at the middle school next week.

All profits go toward making water accessible to our chosen school in Kenya.  We hope everyone will support us in making this dream come true for them!

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