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Special Guest Speaker, Artist, Musician, and Author,
Jimmy Wayne Passes on his Passion.

Jimmy Wayne, artist, musician, and author, spoke to the High School Small Groups this past Monday afternoon about his passion for at-risk youths.

He shared a moving story about his own experience and the people who changed the course of his life. Jimmy challenged our students to find something they are passionate about, embrace it, and make a difference in the world. He emphasized the power within each of us to touch and affect another person’s life.

Jimmy Wayne walks the walk and sings the talk.

In 2010 he walked halfway across America to raise awareness for a project called "Meet Me Halfway": a ministry for at-risk youths who are aging out of foster care. He has been successful influencing and effecting legislation in California and here. The Senate and House in Tennessee passed legislation to raise the age of receiving foster services from 18 to 21. This legislation awaits the Governor's signature.  

Jimmy Wayne is a singer/songwriter, author and philanthropist.  "Do You Believe Me Now" was his latest three week #1 hit song. He released his first book in 2011 titled "Paper Angels". For more information about Jimmy's project Meet Me Halfway, visit www.projectmmh.org.