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NCS Student Spiritual Retreats areBooked and Set for the Fall!


The 2nd annual 7th and 8th grade Spiritual Retreat will be Friday-Saturday, October 25th and 26th!

This year we are visiting Camp Lake Benson. We will depart Friday at 12:00 p.m. following a regular morning schedule of classes and school lunch at 11:30. We will return on Saturday at approximately 3:00 p.m.

There are three main purposes for this event.

  1. One objective is to focus on spiritual content and a relationship with God in an outdoor setting.
  2. A second goal is to foster relationships among students with their peers and with their teachers outside of the classroom.
  3. A final purpose is to teach and challenge them to be intentional positive leaders around each other and for the younger 5th and 6th graders when they return to campus.

The cost is $35. This includes 3 meals, lodging, transportation, and all activities. In lieu of a deposit, there is simply a deadline of Thursday, October 17th to return the form signed along with a check or cash which will be non-refundable to the Lower School Office.

Last year we had 85% participation. This year our goal is 100%. In addition to taking all 74 students, we have 12-14 faculty and staff committed to chaperone the entire event.

If you have any concerns or questions email Brian Tipps (Spiritual Life Director) at tippsb@nashvillechristian.org and we will try to go the extra mile to accommodate any needs or circumstances regarding schedules, special dietary needs, etc.

The Spiritual Retreat’s agenda is to go deep.

Fun and memorable are important ingredients, but our focus will be on building relationships and cultivating spiritual connection and renewal.

“During last year's retreat, walls came down and hearts opened up,” recalls Jeff Brothers, one of the leaders. “Relationships were fostered among those who participated: students, faculty, staff and God. It’s a great way to come back and begin the new year—like a spiritual Homecoming.”

"I hope the students and parents are excited about these retreats, ” said Phillip Montgomery, one of last year’s leaders. “It is a great opportunity to bond with one another and deepen our relationship with God. Mr. Tipps and Mrs. Shelton have worked hard to keep the retreat affordable so that all of the students have a chance to participate.”


The 2013 Annual High School Spiritual Retreat

The High School retreat is scheduled for the weekend of September 14th-15th at New Frontiers. Students, faculty, coaches and administrators will depart in the morning at 7:30AM and return Sunday afternoon around 2:30PM. The cost is $90 per person. The total amount and a signed permission form will be due by Thursday, September 5th.

CHECK OUT THE VIDEO BELOW and see and hear what students had to say about last year's retreat.

The retreat is designed to be a fun and memorable weekend—it will include numerous faith, character and team-building activities. The National Honors Society Officers will once again lead in the planning of the retreat.

The cost per student is $90, which includes transportation, 5 meals, one night lodging, a bonfire, and all special activities and equipment usage. The total amount and a signed permission form will be due by Thursday, September 5th.

More information to come. Until then, if you have any questions contact Brian Tipps, our Spiritual Life Director, at tippsb@nashvillechristian.org.