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Eagle Watch Bulletin

Introducing Eagle Watch!

We are committed to providing you with up-to-minute information on ALL school events. To achieve this goal we have streamlined and consolidated Nashville Christian event communications into a weekly publication. Eagle Watch will be emailed every Monday and made available in hard copy form in the HS and LS offices.

Eagle Watch will connect you to UPDATED information on all NCS events including the NCS Calendar, class schedules, ALL athletic events, related news and details, directions to off campus activities, changes due to inclement weather, forms, and much more.

You can view Eagle Watch and link to related events on your computer, iPad, or smart phone.

We hope you will use this new resource for any and all information regarding your child’s events. Of course if you don’t find what you need about an event or have any questions, please call our office any time, 356-5600.

CLICK HERE to download the LATEST Edition of Eagle Watch!


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