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The Senior Class of 2015 has chosen well.

  The Senior Class of 2015 chose 1Timothy 4:12 for next school year's spiritual theme. This was not a random selec [ ... ]



  Selling and/or buying a space in the 2013-14 NCS All Sports Athletic Program is a great way to raise much-needed [ ... ]


A Super Sonic Discount

  To help fund the 2014-15 Junior/Senior Banquet, SONIC has donated a truckload of Super Sonic Saver Cards to the N [ ... ]


It is time...


to download your 2014 NCS FOOTBALL SCHEDULE. Click here.



  In 1971 Nashville Christian's founders completed a vision?to build a Pre-K through 12th grade college preparator [ ... ]



  On occasion, we like to look back and remember formative events that are now part of our students' lives and fai [ ... ]


Class Valedictorian Chooses Nursing.

  Courtney Elizabeth Abbott , daughter of John and Ellen Abbott, plans to pursue a career in nursing at the Univer [ ... ]


Graduate relied on gut instinct to pick a school.

  Alex Bishop--like so many others from the Nashville Christian School (NCS) Class of 2014--had options. He was of [ ... ]



  There has been a BIG jump in enrollment at NCS. "Last semester we had 30 students enroll," reported Phillip Mont [ ... ]


Life lessons from the grave

  Among the many lessons that we learn in life, there is perhaps one that transcends them all: learning to face ou [ ... ]


NCS Alumnus Graduates a Year Early!

  JOIN US in celebrating Savannah Pickard (Class of 2010) for GRADUATING a year early from the University of Tennes [ ... ]


Academic & Athletic Scholarships, Accomplishments,

This Graduating Class of 2014 was prolific. Click & See all that they accomplished throughout their high school [ ... ]


College Acceptances for the Graduating Class of 20

  The NCS Graduating Class of 2014 will Migrate this Fall. Click the following link to see the latest postings on [ ... ]


We're Celebrating the NCS Class of 2014!

Celebrate with us. Read about their academic and athletic accomplishments, their scholarships, their awards, and always [ ... ]



  ATTENTION all rising Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th---EVERYONE all the way through high school. YOUR Summer Ho [ ... ]


A decision has been made

  For almost a month, a search committee met, reviewed resumes, and conducted interviews to determine the best coa [ ... ]


Kicked into high gear

  The NCS Boys Soccer Team has KICKED it into HIGH GEAR. The Eagles beat Clarksville Academy 7-2 in ROUND 1 of the [ ... ]


Softball Team in FINALS!

  Lady Eagles Softball advance to the FINALS of the District Tournament! Monday's 13-6 win over conference rival H [ ... ]


This student thirsts for a better life.

How much is water worth? A lot, if you are living in a remote part of our world where nearly 250 people die---every day- [ ... ]


Kathy Overbay Service Day

  Every year, NCS prayerfully sets aside a day to reach out and serve our community. This commitment of time is ca [ ... ]


Students delve deep into the hearts of Honduras

This summer, six NCS students will travel to Honduras to serve the impoverished by building homes; conducting medical c [ ... ]


NCS Baseball Team is DISTRICT CHAMP!

The Eagles claimed the regular season district championship with a sweep of Jo Byrns last week. They finished their regu [ ... ]


Softball captures share in the district title.

((( NO! This is NOT a duplicate of the earlier post. It's just that NCS Softball and Baseball ROCK!))) NCS Softball Team [ ... ]


Instructor pestered into submission

  Bitter cold and a reluctant instructor did not deter this NCS Student from serving the indigent and homeless. NC [ ... ]


It was a Grand event!

  The Western Hills Church of Christ vestibule and sanctuary was alive and full for Grandparents' Day. The program [ ... ]


NCS Teacher submits to pestering.

  Bitter cold and a reluctant instructor do not deter Danna Griffin from serving the indigent and homeless. NCS fr [ ... ]


Parents' sacrifice and labor yields fruit...

AND vegetables. The NCS Early Childhood Learning Center (ECLC) ParentOrganization is building a vegetable garden on cam [ ... ]


Student excels in football, performing arts, and--

  Nathan Hargrove is a sophomore at NCS. He is your typical teen with one exception: he sports a wide range of div [ ... ]


Student/athlete signs with college, but...

  there is more! Last week NCS Senior Kendall Lewis signed with Centre College. This NCS student/athlete will get [ ... ]


Teacher uncovers student's gift.

  Everyone's handwriting is different--as unique as a fingerprint; we are told by hand writing experts. It expresse [ ... ]


You like baseball stats?

YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE THESE!As of April 1, NCS High School Baseball pitchers have thrown 673 strikes and the Middle Scho [ ... ]


Nashville Christian School saved my life."

  "Nashville Christian School saved my life."Click below and read a compelling interview with Justin Lowry (Class [ ... ]


First grade students EARN a valuable lesson.

  Last week Mrs. Kary Overbay, first grade instructor at NCS, integrated a practical and indispensable demonstrat [ ... ]


Zell Walker Pitched a No-Hitter

  Last week the NCS Baseball Team swept a double header against McEwen. Zell Walker Pitched a No-Hitter in the Eag [ ... ]


This player has a thing or two to say.

  Houston Downey, a NCS Senior who plays high school varsity baseball, has a thing or two to say about this year's [ ... ]


A little hi-tech with a lot of hi-touch

  NCS Elementary School blends a little hi-tech with a lot of hi-touch. It is a fine art, and it takes a fine teac [ ... ]


Former NCS Basketball Star Goes Back to Court.

  It had been six years since Caden Anderson (Class of '08) donned an Eagle's uniform and shot the lights out in a [ ... ]



  The NCS Booster Club wants YOU to know WHERE YOUR MONEY GOES. When YOU join the NCS Booster Club you contribute t [ ... ]


NCS SUMMER Dodgeball Camps

  Camp Director John Crosby combines fun, conditioning, strategy, skill-building, and tournament play into this imm [ ... ]


Failure can be a good teacher.

  This is the second of a two-part Interview with NCS MS Basketball Coach Charlie Hunt. Coach Hunt elaborates on t [ ... ]


NCS Coaches gift players during season

  Is this TSSAA sanctioned? Watch this 5 minute video interview with Nashville Christian's Middle School Basketbal [ ... ]


NCS Artists Make Good.

  Monya Nikahd's, Abbey Johnson's, and Seth Reynolds' work was recognized at the Scholastic Art Awards Ceremony at [ ... ]


A FIRST for Nashville Christian School!

  TODAY MacKenzie Lee will make history; she will be the first NCS student/ athlete to represent our school in the [ ... ]


Students are breaking out in a cold sweat

  Students break out in a cold sweat in THIS class. In 2nd grade Language Arts, Mrs. Graham incorporates movement [ ... ]


Students wish for it. Teachers pray for it.

  Everyone's Thinking it; they might as well study it. SNOW. Students wish for it. Teachers pray for it. Hence, it [ ... ]


Wrestlers Bring Home the Hardware!

  Nashville Christian Wrestlers Gregory Williams and Willie Shane put a hold on some medals from the Creek Wood Wr [ ... ]


A NCS Alumnus with a healing touch

  Have you heard about the NCS Alumnus with a healing touch? If you are a Nashville Christian School Alumni, CLICK [ ... ]


Eagle leaves his mark on campus.

Eagle leaves his mark on campus. You probably have seen it, in fact you might have sat on it. Click&See.

Eagle Deployed to Libya.

  NCS Alumnus Brandon McCoy (Class of 2012) was deployed on December 27, 2013 to serve for nine months in Libya, a [ ... ]


Meet Donna Torrez, NCS Art Instructor

  This teacher doesn't turn a student into an artist; she uncovers the artist within the student. That is a humble [ ... ]




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Can you name the most recent NCS athlete to join the 1000-point club? Give up? Click here and find out.


Student Awarded Talent &Presidential Scholarships

  Abbey Johnson, Senior at Nashville Christian School, has been accepted to Watkins College of Art, Design, and Fi [ ... ]


It's the Final Lap.

Senior students now have access to their high school transcripts. Through Parchment.com a senior student can search coll [ ... ]


3rd Graders create problems with iPads...

  multiplication and division problems. Last week Mrs. Jackson's 3rd grade math class walked through the hallways [ ... ]


A REAL classroom dilemma:

  How do you teach and reach ALL students in a school that cultivates and encourages diversity? Mrs. Overbay, 1st g [ ... ]


Duck Calls, Glow Sticks, Volcanos, and Slime

  Their test-tube runneth over at Nerd Herd Science Day! The Nashville Christian High School Science Club (a.k.a. [ ... ]


Teacher Uses People to Further Career.

  That's right, Rebecca Sellers, Nashville Christian's World Literature Instructor will use people---fictional peo [ ... ]


The Supply and Demand of Teaching

  Bradley Rowlett teaches economics, government, personal finance, and world history. He is the head wrestling coa [ ... ]


This Eagle is now among the elite.

  Kendall Lewis, senior point guard, scored her 1000th point during the Eagles 50-45 victory over John Paul II in [ ... ]


Coach Brothers discloses team's formations.

  And it's not the Wishbone, Shotgun or Wing T. In the athletic world of X's and O's it is easy and necessary to f [ ... ]


Football Team Cheers for Students!

  Coaches and athletes gathered in Keeton Stadium to encourage and celebrate 3rd, 4th, and 5th Graders who met the [ ... ]


Students Drawn to Work of Ark.

  Noah's Ark was designed to withstand strong winds and waves. Bible lessons prepare students to do the same. NCS [ ... ]


Students learn multiple ways to solve problems.

  Not a bad life skill for any age. While studying multiplication in Mrs. Jackson's Class, 3rd grade students learn [ ... ]


Teacher Methodology

  NCS Elementary School teachers use different methods to teach and reach students. Read and See the ways they enc [ ... ]


Garbage in, garbage out.

  Did you know that an hour of television contains, on the average, from 16-25 minutes of advertisements? And are [ ... ]


An Eagle Citing

NCS 8th Grader, Nathan Gaidos just earned his Eagle rank in the Boy Scouts. This makes him...you guessed it: Eagle to th [ ... ]


Demonstrating the Love of Christ can get sticky

  Demonstrating the Love of Christ can get sticky sometimes. Twice a month on Friday, elementary students who have [ ... ]


Students exposed to homiletics!

  Monday, Nov 3, 2013 - Multiple cases reported last week---very communicable. Parents asked to be on the lookout [ ... ]


Students' response was powerful and moving.

Students' response to the spiritual retreat was powerful and moving. Fears were named and nailed to the cross this weeke [ ... ]


Did you know...

Nashville Christian School operations are not completely funded by tuition dollars? NCS, as most private schools, relies [ ... ]


It's a fact!

  Did you know that 44% of 6th graders at NCS can roll their tongue? It is a fact. It is also a trait. Kristin Hoo [ ... ]


All it takes is just one Swift Swipe...

and YOU make a BIG difference for NCS. Publix, Kroger and Harris Teeter will donate money to NCS every time you make a p [ ... ]


It's called mentoring.

  Older students teach young students to read. Younger Students teach older students to teach. It's called mentori [ ... ]


Middle School Football Team is Undefeated!

The Eagles beat Davidson Academy 48-12 last Thursday night, bringing their year to a close and their record to 7-0. "A g [ ... ]


Student Relives the Holocaust.

  Trisha McWright, a middle school english instructor, has two desires: one is to engage students in real-world eve [ ... ]


Students Experience Flashbacks!

  NCS high school students shared vivid memories and experiences from their September Spiritual Retreat in a video. [ ... ]


This will make you smile---GUARANTEED!

  SOMETIMES School can be just plain FUN!Elementary students celebrated school spirit the week of September 23-27. [ ... ]


A Lesson that WE must never forget

  NCS 5th Graders Learn the Lesson that WE must never forget. On Friday, September 20, 5th graders from NCS boarde [ ... ]


Academic Spotlight

  Christians don't have to check their brains at the door...to be faithful. Through lessons in geography Jim Carlu [ ... ]


Have you heard...

about the NCS Alumnus that landed a Titanic Job? IF YOU ARE a Nashville Christian School Alumni, CLICK HERE and download [ ... ]


Students Help Battle Malnutrition in Nashville.

  Last week NCS Elementary School students brought in a cart load of snacks to donate to the Western Hills Church [ ... ]


Teacher inspires students to dig deeper.

  Paula Caruthers, high school biology instructor, expects her students to look beyond text books for the understa [ ... ]


Advanced 6th Grade Math

What is the probability that a 6th Grader will understand a complex math concept? Josh Barnett, 6th Grade Advanced Math [ ... ]


How to Prepare for the ACT Reading Test!

  Nope. NoDoz won't work. There is Only One Way to Prepare for the ACT Reading Test! The Reading section of the A [ ... ]


International Thespian Society

  NCS Students Inducted into the International Thespian Society. The Ceremony this past Friday was a noted occasio [ ... ]


There is an Exclusive Club at NCS.

  Membership is by invitation ONLY! The National Honor Society (NHS) is a "by invitation only" organization establi [ ... ]



  What would you call a teacher that furthers a student's critical and creative thinking?Very smART! That would de [ ... ]


The speaker in chapel was a real Bozo.

  Seriously. In addition to being a man of faith and an inspirational speaker, last week's chapel guest, Mr. Dick B [ ... ]


What's wrong with this picture?

  Nada! Riverdale and Nashville Christian Athletes came together in prayer Saturday at the Bulldog Bash Volleyball [ ... ]


Introducing a House System for the Middle School

  Introducing a House System for the Middle School: The "Aerie." An aerie is an eagle's nest. It is also defined as [ ... ]


A Pooh Moment

  Click here and go to NCS Facebook to see photos from the May 4th & 5th Winnie the Pooh play production. [ ... ]


Relief for Moore, Oklahoma

Nashville Christian School will be a collection site to gather food and supplies for the people from Moore, Oklahoma. A [ ... ]


Students & Staff RAPP'N, ROCK'N & STEPP'N OUT

  NCS Students and Staff seen RAPP'N, ROCK'N & STEPP'N OUT! What is going on here??? Click here and see for you [ ... ]


We appreciate YOUR appreciation.

A large THANK-YOU to all our parents and local businesses for demonstrating their appreciation to NCS Teachers last week [ ... ]


Science students witnessed a SPECIAL DELIVERY...

  the first of  seven New High Powered Binocular Microscopes. You would have thought it was the birth of a ba [ ... ]


Eagles showed pluck in championship.

  The NCS 5th and 6th grade track team finished 4th with only 3 athletes competing. Read on for the results from th [ ... ]


Small school. Small track team. BIG FINISH!

Monday, April 29 - NCS placed sixth out of seventeen track teams WITH ONLY 3 ATHLETES! Read on for the results from the [ ... ]


How Does NCS Enhance a Childs Reading Skills?

  What EXACTLY is Nashville Christian School Doing to Enhance a Child's Reading and Language Arts Skills? Click he [ ... ]


NCS Athletes take on Middle Tennessees Best!

  Wednesday, April 16 - Middle Tennessee's best high school track & field athletes went head-to-head at the 2 [ ... ]



  SCHOOL IN THE WILD--where the wild things learn. Last week Nashville Christian School 5th and 6th grade student [ ... ]


HI-TECH was put on the BACK SHELF.

  NCS Elementary School students bonded over books throughout a five day span that focused on reading. This w [ ... ]


Leadership Begins Early at NCS.

  Last Thursday, the 4th grade class led chapel for the 1st and 2nd graders. The older students read over scriptur [ ... ]


Here s'more science tid bits.

  This week, Nashville Christian School students easily digested two principles of passive solar design: insulati [ ... ]


Students found clubbing in the early morning hours

  Last semester, two fourth grade students proposed the formation of a BIBLE CLUB at our elementary school. With [ ... ]


Play is the Way.

The Research is in, it is abundant, and it's conclusive! It tells us that play--dramatic play, block play, sensory play [ ... ]


A Reading Program for PRESCHOOLERS and INFANTS?

  Nashville Christian School's Early Childhood Learning Center (ECLC) developed a reading program for preschoolers [ ... ]


Accountant Gives NCS Students the BOTTOM LINE!

  A Partner from Ernst & Young Gives NCS Students the BOTTOM LINE: Leadership Skills Count for a Lot. Kim Holl [ ... ]


Students Earn Thousands for Hang Ups and Cutouts.

  Seth Reynolds and Monya Nikahd came home with top prizes from the 5th Annual Middle Tennessee Regional Student A [ ... ]


The ECLC Pioneers a Nutrition Program for Preschoo

  Introducing "Kitchen Patrol". The director of Nashville Christian School's Early Childhood Learning Center, Chri [ ... ]


They Start Young...

  "Young Minds at Play---A Vital Part of Cognitive Development." Nashville Christian School Early Childhood sent tw [ ... ]



  DID YOU KNOW that Fran Sexton, NCS teacher, served a six-year tour of duty as an inner city school teacher? Clic [ ... ]


Built Tough.

  Karen Ford / Built Tough. 36 years of teaching and she still has the passion. Click here and LEARN how this kin [ ... ]