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   Nashville Christian School

   Serving PreK - 12th Grade

   7555 Sawyer Brown Rd.

   Nashville, TN 37221

   Phone: 615-356-5600

   Fax: 615-352-1324


Map and Directions to Nashville Christian

Directions to Nashville Christian

Our Address: 7555 Sawyer Brown Rd, Nashville, TN 37221
Our phone number: 615-356-2515

From Nashville via interstate...

  • Take I-40 W toward MEMPHIS. (go 8.5 miles)
  • Take the TN-251/OLD HICKORY BLVD exit, EXIT 199. (go 0.2 miles)
  • Turn RIGHT onto OLD HICKORY BLVD/TN-251. (go 0.3 miles)
  • Turn LEFT onto CHARLOTTE PIKE/US-70/TN-24. (go 0.5 miles)
  • Turn LEFT onto SAWYER BROWN RD. (go 0.4 miles)
  • Nashville Christian School is on the RIGHT

From West Nashville via interstate...

  • From HARDING Place Turn LEFT onto HARDING PIKE (go 0.2 miles)
  • Keep RIGHT at the fork to go on US-70S/TN-1/MEMPHIS-BRISTOL HWY (go 4.7 miles)
  • Turn RIGHT onto SAWYER BROWN RD (go 2.3 miles)
  • Nashville Christian School is on the LEFT