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iTips for iPads

An excerpt from Ms. Harper's English Class Blog
Friday, August 19, 2011

The big news so far this year, of course, is the iPad that each student received. This week each student's profile was updated so that he or she could access apps. With app availability, you'll see an increased use of the iPads in the classroom.  Here are a few things we've done so far:

  • Seniors have participated in on-line discussions at a website called Today's Meet. As we begin reading Anglo Saxon and medieval literature, we'll consider themes of heroism, the role of fate in our lives, the purpose of living up to certain ideals, and what forces really shape society. Students got an early start considering these issues on this web site, and it was interesting to see the heads bowed and the fingers flying over the iPads. I'm not sure pen and paper would elicit the same eagerness to participate!
  • We can go paperless! For example, seniors were asked to look up the Anglo Saxon Chronicle and why it was important as a homework assignment. When they arrived the next day, they simply emailed me the information through their iPads, and we saved a tree or two.
  • When we write papers, students will be able to save their papers in the Pages app. It's the equivalent of Microsoft Word.With this app, students can open and revise their papers as we work on the writing craft together in the classroom. We'll use a similar app that's consistent with Power Point too.
  • All vocabulary work will be done on this blog, along with other assignments. Students can access the blogger site through Safari on the Ipad.
  • Eventually (this will all take some time), study guides and other materials will be uploaded in PDF form to this blog. Using the GoodReader app, students can open PDF files, write or type on them, and either save them or submit completed work by email.

Did You Know?
Did you know that if you accidentally delete notes you've taken in the iPad notes app (the yellow one with the lines like a legal pad), you can bring them back by shaking it?