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   Nashville Christian School

   Serving PreK - 12th Grade

   7555 Sawyer Brown Rd.

   Nashville, TN 37221

   Phone: 615-356-5600

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Janet King, Guidance Counselor

Welcome to the school-counseling program at Nashville Christian School. School counselors--as an integral part of the school's total education program--work with students, teachers, administrators, parents and community leaders to help students become successful, responsible and productive citizens. The school counselors maintain a comprehensive guidance program meeting the developmental needs of students in grades Kindergarten through twelfth.

Our role is to assist students in investing in their success whether it is academics, career or personal/social matters. We plan and coordinate activities that promote growth among the students. This is done through many avenues such as individual counseling, small group counseling, large group guidance lessons and many more.

Our main objective is to help ensure that students are successful during their years at Nashville Christian and in the lives they lead after school. We look forward to working with you and your child during his or her years at Nashville Christian School.

Janet King, School Counselor
615-356-5600 ext 105