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   Nashville Christian School

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Nashville Christian Elementary School
Suzie Estes, Elementary
School Principal

Thank you for considering our school as an educational partner for your child. At Nashville Christian School, you will find a community that is committed to helping students realize and pursue their full potential--spiritually, intellectually, physically, and socially--while learning to establish and grow their relationship with God.

Spiritually, we lay a foundation that leads the way for each student to develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We start each day with Chapel or Bible class. We offer a Leadership class focused on character development, grounded in Christian principles.

Our academic foundation is built with the use of research-based strategies and curriculum. In recent years, we have piloted both the Singapore approach to Math and the Daily Five method of Reading instruction. Teachers are expected to provide instruction that is student-centered, interactive and engaging. Technology is integrated in instruction through the use of Promethean Boards, laptops, and iPads. Lessons are differentiated toward each student’s ability and learning style, with a combination of both whole class and small group learning.

Socially, we lay a foundation by emphasizing in both word and action that we should treat each other with kindness. We start each day reciting our behavior pledge: "Today, I commit myself to respectful and responsible actions that demonstrate the love of Christ." All students and faculty are held accountable by this pledge. We also serve others through various service opportunities offered through the year.

We develop socially by giving students opportunities to have fun together. Whether it is in the cafeteria during lunch time, at one of our “Fun Fridays,” or at one of our many special events, we encourage students to grow friendships based on the principles of our pledge.

I believe your family will be blessed by joining our NCS family, and we in turn will be blessed by you. Please feel free to come by the school on any Wednesday between 9:00am and 10:00am for our Welcome Wednesday tours.

Suzie Estes, Elementary School Principal
fax 615-353-6317