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Shaping Your Child's Gross Motor Skills


Nashville Christian School’s Early Childhood Learning Center (ECLC) is incorporating a program called MONKEYNASTIX into its curriculum for 3-year olds.

We recognize that children are born to move and that when they do, the door to learning opens. We encourage them to explore and discover the world through their senses and their bodies with fun and exciting movement education & exercise programs like Monkeynastix—a program designed by specialists, endorsed by therapists and that meshes well with our ECLC philosophy.

Through this movement educational program we lay the foundations for:

  • neat handwriting; the ability to sit comfortably in a chair and focus on desk work;
  • improved concentration; eye strength for reading and copying from books, worksheets or the blackboard;
  • the ability to follow movement demonstrations and auditory instructions;
  • sequencing, memory and rhythm – for reading and writing;
  • the acquisition of vocabulary that relates to movement eg. numbers, up, down, body parts, action words (in, behind), direction (left, right) etc

If you have any questions about Monkeynastix please contact Christine Dunn, Director of the Nashville Christian Early Childhood Learning Center, 615-356-5605, or email her at dunnc@nashvillechristian.org