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Visual Arts Curriculum

FA Art I

This introductory course of the visual arts is taught in a “hands on” fashion with emphasis on the elements and principles of art and design. It includes a study of traditional media such as graphite, charcoal, paint, pastel and clay. Nontraditional media will also be explored, this includes ink, wood, repurposed and found items. Students will enjoy participating in a wide variety of techniques and styles from impressionism and realism to abstract, pop art and trompe l'oeil. They will be exposed to famous historical artists and movements like the Renaissance movement and the works of Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo Buonarroti, Titian (Tiziano Vecellio) and Raphel (Raffaelo Sanzioof). Students will also be introduced to 20th century movements and artists such as the conceptual art movement with the examples of Jackson Pollock’s drip paintings and Andy Warhol’s pop art. While continually challenged with basic art criticism and aesthetic valuing, students will compare and contrast famous works as well as their own studio projects against the foundation of our Biblical Christian perspective. Issues concerning art, the functions of art, the meanings and the power of using visual art as a light to the world, will be ongoing topics. Students will be constantly encouraged to find their own God given style and technique, through constantly engaging in “hands on” studio production.  All artwork will be presented at the annual NCS art show and fundraiser.


This intermediate course of study will begin alongside Art I, with a review of the elements and principles of art and design.  It will also involve a skills review of drawing and painting through the use of traditional media such as charcoal, paint and pastel.  From a Christian worldview, students will then be encouraged to seek out their area of concentration through a variety of themed projects such as “The Interior of Something” and “The Shoe Project.” Working independently, they will be continually challenged in art criticism and aesthetic valuing of their projects and ideas.  Students will also apply this knowledge to a study of historical art works and art movements such as the “Water Lily Pond” by Claude Monet and “The Bridge at Moret” by Alfred Sisley completed during the impressionist movement.  They will begin to assemble a portfolio to be used for presentation in regional art exhibits and scholarships applications. They will present their work at the annual NCS art show and fundraiser and be encouraged to use their visual gifts and talents to find ways to give back to our school and our community.  

FA I Advance

This advanced course will build on knowledge gained from Art I and Art II classes.  Designed to allow students to continue their studies of the visual arts this course will assist them in building a strong portfolio.  Students will be given opportunities to exhibit and earn scholarships in regional and state level art competitions such as, the Tennessee Regional Art Exhibition and the Scholastic Art Competition.  They will work independently in their chosen medium and area of concentration on themed assignments like the “Name Illustration Portfolio cover”, the “Shoe Project”, and the “Monochromatic Action painting” and will assist as peer tutors  in the Art I and Art II classes to further reinforce their skills.   Students will also display their work and participate in the organization and set up of the annual NCS art show and fundraiser. As with all visual art classes, the students are encouraged to use their visual gifts and talents to give back to our school, our community and to use them to glorify God.