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Classroom Spotlight



Camp Learn-a-lot—the name says it all!
Read all about it and YOU will want to go back to elementary school.

"Camp Learn A- Lot" is a culminating event that reinforces the various skills and problem-solving concepts that have been taught throughout the year. We make the opportunity to review books and present them in a creative way to future second graders. The students write letters, called “funky tales", and memory books. Multiple math and science activities are incorporated into the camp, including: canoe making, paper airplanes, and bubble experiments.

A very popular part of Camp Learn-a-lot is when guest counselors come in to share their knowledge and talents with the students. Some of our special guests include:

  • Cory Crow taught about the acoustic and bass guitars.
  • Wendy Rampy demonstrated the tasty art of making yummy s'mores snacks. 
  • Officer Morgan reminded everyone on how to stay safe when out in public. (We also got fingerprinted and compared our prints with one another.
  • Cindy Williams, Jadyn Bushman's mom and a trainer at Westside, taught about yoga and sign language.
  • Kathy Gupton taught the students a song in Spanish and made bracelets with them.
  • Angel Allen showed everyone how to make a scrapbook.
  • Gloria Pulgarian will make a Spanish dish with the students.
  • Susan Justice will conduct a nature study.
  • Jerry Barlar will demonstrate how to do an on camera interview.


Scrapbooking Before AND After!