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Elementary Bible Class

Elementary Students Learn How to
Encourage and Honor others.

Never too young to give. Never too old to receive. That’s the attitude of NCS elementary students (K-4) and their Bible Instructor Marsha Forehand. For over 10 years Mrs. Forehand and her elementary bible classes have been encouraging everyone from centenarians to soldiers through an “unofficial” adoption program with a twist—the children adopt the adults.

The students participate in a variety of ways by:

  • making and sending holiday and birthday cards
  • sending little gifts and baked items
  • praying for those whom they encourage
  • sending letters of encouragement and appreciation along with care packages to soldiers

Over the years our NCS Elementary Bible Class has encouraged the following: 

Adopted Grandfather - “Pop” Floye Whitehead
92 years old, a lifelong Christian, WW2 Air Force veteran, and golfer (Click to enlarge)


Adopted Grandmother - Mrs. Jimmie Vaughan
She turns 101 this January 24*, a widow, great-grandmother of Sam Cooper (NCS senior),
and her late husband, Roy Vaughan, was a minister and editor of the Gospel Advocate.
(Click to enlarge)


Adopted Grandmother - Mrs. Anne Leaver
82 years old, a faithful Christian, mother of Brentwood Hills Church of Christ minister Walt Leaver.
(Click to enlarge)



Adopted missionary, Bruno Reginbald
Director fo French Bible missions in Quebec, Canada (Click to enlarge)


Adopted Soldiers
Serving our country overseas (Click to enlarge)