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Accelerated Reader


Accelerated Reader Program

Students in our elementary school participate in the Accelerated Reader program. Every nine weeks, students are given a goal of AR points that are earned through reading books and taking tests.  The STAR assessment tool is used to track student progress. 

Rewards for reaching AR goal:

1st 9 Weeks – Lunch with the Principal and guest storytellers

2nd 9 Weeks – AR T-shirt (designed by a student)

3rd 9 Weeks – Ice Cream Party

4th 9 Weeks – Surprise!!!

At the end of the year, students who met their goal all four nine weeks get to go on a field trip to McKay’s and Sonic.

Accelerated Reader / Renaissance Place

All students in grades K-8 may access Renaissance Place to take tests and earn points for books they have read. To view a list of available tests along with their corresponding point values, click here. To continue the login process, click here