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   Nashville Christian School

   Serving PreK - 12th Grade

   7555 Sawyer Brown Rd.

   Nashville, TN 37221

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Our Mission, Vision, and History



Our Mission is to demonstrate Christ's love.

Our Vision is to help students realize and pursue their full potential—spiritually, intellectually, physically, and socially—while learning to establish and grow their relationship with God.

Our History

In 1971, Nashville Christian School (NCS) was established to help students grow spiritually, academically, physically and socially to the fullest extent of their abilities. From the very beginning, it has been our goal to ensure that our students are as prepared for eternity as they are for their lives today.

The doors of NCS opened to 266 students for the first time on September 20, 1971. Directed by Carl Owen, there were 19 faculty and staff members teaching first through seventh grades.

Successive upper grades were added over the course of the first five years. During this time, the school was housed in the West Nashville Heights Church of Christ building. It was in this environment that the school's athletic and fine arts programs were developed. Originally called the Pioneers, the student body chose to change the school mascot to the Eagle while keeping the original orange and navy blue school colors. Major drama and musical productions were also developed to showcase the students' artistic talents.

Soon after the school was established, plans began to be made for a new facility to be located on Sawyer Brown Road. In September 1976, former headmaster Daryl Demonbreun led 418 students and 29 faculty and staff members into the school's first permanent facility. During this year of many milestones, the athletic teams began their participation at the varsity level and NCS celebrated the commencement of its first 22 graduates.

The 1980s saw a great deal of growth. Kindergarten classes were added in 1981. Construction of the Gibson Center, which contained a second gymnasium and additional classroom space, was completed in 1986. In 1987, the school received its first Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) certification while it continued to be approved by the regulating Board of the state of Tennessee. Under the guidance of headmaster A.D. Pollock in the 1990s, the LIFE and Dual Enrollment programs were established. This further enabled the school to serve students with a broad spectrum of educational needs.

Today, our beautifully renovated facilities include the Pollock Lower School, the Campbell Upper School, the Gibson Center, the Keeton Center and the Early Childhood Learning Center. More than 70 professional faculty and staff members serve approximately 675 students from infancy to twelfth grade.

From our own infancy, we have grown into a thriving PreK-12 college-preparatory school that combines faith and learning in a unique, family like atmosphere. Located in the heart of West Nashville. Nashville Christian School continues in its endeavor to meet the expectations of the school's mission based on the inspired text in Luke 2:52 -- "...and Jesus increased in wisdom, and in stature, and in favor with God and man." At NCS, we strive to be more like Jesus, growing in every way that will bring us closer to our Creator.