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   Nashville Christian School

   Serving PreK - 12th Grade

   7555 Sawyer Brown Rd.

   Nashville, TN 37221

   Phone: 615-356-5600

   Fax: 615-352-1324


Our Faculty & Staff
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Photo Name Title Email Phone Website
Photo for Alexander, Chris Alexander, Chris MS LIFE Instructor Email 615-356-5600
Photo for Arnold, Nicole Arnold, Nicole Drama Teacher Email 356-5600 ext.192
Photo for Arrington, Lauren Arrington, Lauren MS Science Teacher Email
Photo for Atkins, Andrew Atkins, Andrew English/Journalism Email 356-5600 ext.129
Photo for Barnett, Josh Barnett, Josh Social Studies, Science, Bible Teacher Email 356-5600 ext. 169
Photo for Bartlett, Rachel Bartlett, Rachel Middle School Math Teacher Email 356-5600 ext.140
Photo for Bartlett, Sharon Bartlett, Sharon MS Teaching Assistant Email 356-5600 ext. 161
Photo for Bishop, Brian Bishop, Brian Principal, 6th-12th grade Email 356-5600 ext. 100
Photo for Bishop, Darlete Bishop, Darlete Financial Secretary Email 356-5600 ext. 156
Photo for Boone, Joey Boone, Joey Fine Arts Director Email 356-5600 ext.191 Website
  Brasel, Lauren Principal, 6th-12th grade Email 615-356-5600
Photo for Brothers, Jeff Brothers, Jeff Assistant Principal, 6th-12th grade Email 356-5600 ext. 110
Photo for Brothers, Tracy Brothers, Tracy Communications Director Email 615-356-5600
Photo for Brown, Linda Brown, Linda Financial Secretary Email 356-5600 ext. 115
  Bryan, Cristin H.S. English Email
Photo for Campbell, Mike Campbell, Mike Board Member Email
Photo for Carlucci, James Carlucci, James H.S. Social Studies Email 356-5600 ext. 136
Photo for Carlucci, Lynette Carlucci, Lynette H.S. LIFE Teacher Email 356-5600 ext.122
Photo for Carmichael, Gwendollyn Carmichael, Gwendollyn Email 356-5605
Photo for Carney, Kristen Carney, Kristen H.S. Science Teacher Email 615-356-5600
  Cashier, Cafeteria
Photo for Collins, Steve Collins, Steve Board Member Email 615-982-6468
Photo for Crosby, John Crosby, John Physical Education Teacher Email 356-5600 ext.102 Website
Photo for Crow, Kory Crow, Kory Bible Teacher Email 615-356-5600
Photo for Curtis, Tammy Curtis, Tammy Cafeteria Email
  Curtis, Vince
  Cutright, Kathie Extended Care Email Website
Photo for Demonbreun, Anissa Demonbreun, Anissa 5th Grade Teacher Email 356-5600 ext.181 Website
Photo for Dunn, Christine Dunn, Christine Director Email 356-5605
  Durrett, Deb Email
Photo for Faust, Martha Faust, Martha LIFE Instructor Email
Photo for Ford, Karen Ford, Karen Kindergarten Teacher Email 356-5600 ext.176 Website
Photo for Forehand, Marsha Forehand, Marsha Bible/Leadership Email 356-5600 ext.1172 Website
Photo for Graham, Jeanne Graham, Jeanne 2nd Grade Teacher Email 356-5600 ext.173 Website
  Green, Kevin School Counselor Email
Photo for Greenlee, Shelley Greenlee, Shelley 4th Grade Teacher Email 615-419-0457 Website
Photo for Gupton, Kathy Gupton, Kathy Elem. Spanish Teacher Email 615-356-5600 Website
Photo for Hammond, Bill Hammond, Bill H.S. Spanish Email
Photo for Harper, Stephanie Harper, Stephanie H.S. English Teacher Email 356-5600 ext.127
  Haynes, Shelli Pre School Teacher Email 615-794-4310
Photo for Hinds-Brown, Lindsey Hinds-Brown, Lindsey H.S. Social Studies Email 615-356-5600
Photo for Hines, Greg Hines, Greg H.S.Speech Teacher Email 356-5600 ext.135
Photo for Hooper, Kristen Hooper, Kristen M.S. English/Bible Tea Email 356-5600 ext.167
Photo for Johnston, Linda Johnston, Linda Board Member Email 579-5004
Photo for King, Janet King, Janet School Counselor Email 356-5600 ext.105
Photo for Kinnard, Sharon Kinnard, Sharon Business Collections Email 356-5600 ext. 125
Photo for Lane, Tori Lane, Tori 5th Grade Teacher Email 615-356-5600
  Lee, Mike Board Member Email 615-352-1171
Photo for Lewis, Robbie Lewis, Robbie Registrar Email 356-5600 ext. 159
Photo for Lindsey, Henderson Lindsey, Henderson child care Email 6153303857
Photo for May, Laura May, Laura Daycare Teacher Email 615-356-5605
Photo for McClary, Ryan McClary, Ryan Permanent Sub/Coach Email 615-293-6480
Photo for McPherson, Mike McPherson, Mike Bible Email
Photo for McWright, Trisha McWright, Trisha Middle School Literature Email 615-356-5600
Photo for Miller, Emily Miller, Emily H.S. Spanish Teacher Email
Photo for Montgomery, Phillip Montgomery, Phillip Admissions Director Email 356-5600 ext.117
Photo for Morrison, Jerry Morrison, Jerry Technology Coordinator Email 615-356-5600
Photo for Myers, Latonya Myers, Latonya Childcare Provider Email 615-356-5605
Photo for Noah, Melody Noah, Melody H.S.Science Teacher Email
  Nurse, School Nurse Email
Photo for Overbay, Kary Overbay, Kary 1st Grade Teacher Email 615-356-5600
Photo for Page, Ashley Page, Ashley Athletic Administrative Assistant Email 356-5600 ext.114
Photo for Passen, Loretta Passen, Loretta MS LIFE Teacher Email 356-5600 ext.184
Photo for Paszek, Wendy Paszek, Wendy Admissions Assistant Email 615-356-5600
Photo for Quinn, Kevin Quinn, Kevin Assistant Principal / Teacher Email 615-356-5600
Photo for Randell, Tina Randell, Tina L.I.F.E. Teacher Email Website
Photo for Ray, Kelly Ray, Kelly Preschool Teacher Email 615-417-2757
Photo for Rhode, Mike Rhode, Mike Director of Maintenance Email 356-5600 ext. 185
  Robinson, Sarah Email
Photo for Sellers, Rebecca Sellers, Rebecca H.S. English Email 615-356-5600
Photo for Sexton, Fran Sexton, Fran Enrichment Teacher Email 356-5600 ext.173 Website
Photo for Shaver, Julie Shaver, Julie Librarian Email 615-356-5600
Photo for Shelton, Connie Jo Shelton, Connie Jo President Email 356-5600 ext. 154 Website
Photo for Shivers, Karen Shivers, Karen H.S. Math Email 356-5600 ext.139
  Spann, Joey Bible Email
  Stinson, Tara pre school teacher Email 6153479398
  Teacher, Substitute
  test, tom
Photo for Tipps, Brian Tipps, Brian H.S.Bible Teacher Email 356-5600 ext.137
Photo for Torrez, Donna Torrez, Donna H.S. Art Email 356-5600 ext.144
  Watson, Katie H.S. Spanish Email
Photo for Whelan, Karen Whelan, Karen Director of Developmen Email 615-356-5600
  White, Carrie Administrative Assistant Email 615-356-5600 ext.150
Photo for Williams, Ben Williams, Ben M.S History Teacher Email 356-5600 ext.183
Photo for Wilson, Anna Wilson, Anna H.S. Math Email 615-356-5600
Photo for Wilson, Tami Wilson, Tami Administrative Assistant Email 356-5600 ext.100
Photo for Wood, Brandon Wood, Brandon Physical Education Teacher Email 356-5600
Photo for Young, Kim Young, Kim 3rd Grade Teacher Email
Photo for Young, Ronnie Young, Ronnie Board Member Email 347-1493